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eauty LOVE your SKIN! Be

eauty LOVE your SKIN! Be good to your skin…you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. With these products, you can be sure to feel and look great everyday! 1 2 5 7 1-Lierac 3 Price: $19.00 The Hydragenist Lip Balm is formulated with shea butter and rose wax to repair and smooth your lips and provide a lasting gloss finish. 2-Lierac Price: $42.00 Transform your aftersun ritual into an intensely repairing and moisturizing beauty step by applying the Sunific After-Sun Silky Serum. 12 4 3-L’Oréal Price: $13.00 Enjoy a gentle, yet effective exfoliation with this buttery-soft sugar scrub. It is made with a blend of 3 Pure Sugars, paired with Cocoa, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. 4--L’Oréal Price: $18.00 Fight wrinkles and say no to signs of aging with the cicacream face moisturizer pro retinol & centella asiatica 6 5-Dermaesthetics Price: $78.00 Get yourself the light moisturizing Clear Complex Purity PM Gel and add it to your nightly-beauty routine.. 6-Neutrogena Price: $20.00 Get rid of that annoying pop-up pimple with this two-minute acne spot treatment, which uses the power of light therapy to target and treat breakouts fast. 7-Caudalie Price: $49.00 Smooth away fine lines, tone and tighten your pores, remove your makeup, and instantly boost your radiance with this beauty elixir. .

charity The Citrus Helping Adolescents Negatively impacted by Commercial Exploitation What is commercial sexual exploitation of children? Who Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is a form of child abuse. It happens when individuals buy, trade, or sell sexual acts with a child under the age of 18. are victims recruited Where and exploided? Pimps recruit and exploit victims in various settings such as hotels, motels, stops, community parks, flea markets, Metrorail stations, schools, city streets, bars, restaurants, social networking websites, phone chat lines, shopping malls, group homes, and massage parlors. What services does Citrus Health Network Provide to victims of Commercial Exploitation? Children in The CHANCE Program receive individualized clinical treatment primarily centered around Trauma-Focused Care, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and motivational interviewing. Citrus Health Network provides prospective foster parents and many more services. program are the victims of commercial sexual exploitation of children? Boys and girls from different cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Any child can become a victim; however children between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, those with emotional and physical needs, runaways, and children experiencing trouble at home are particularly vulnerable. How can you help? Become a foster parent! 1. Complete the Citrus Health Network Registration Form 2. Attend the Initial Foster Parent Orientation 3. Proceed with the Application and Training Process Open Your Home and Your Heart. . . Become a Foster Parent! Foster Care Services & Licensing (305) 424-3072

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