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spotlight story The One

spotlight story The One & Only Sandra Bullock Watching a movie starring Sandra Bullock can only mean one thing: you will laugh so hard, tears will run down your face. This actress is renowned for her amazing performances, her humor, and her talent to take on any character. This Summer, she and her all-female costars will take on George Clooney’s crew with the release of the most-anticipated movie yet: Ocean’s 8.An actress, producer, and philanthropist…Sandra can do it all! Born to an opera singer mother and American voice teacher father, Sandra started to reach the heights of stardom by performing in the children chorus in her mother’s operas and studying ballet. Sandra attended high school in Washington, D.C. and subsequently attended college in North Carolina, majoring in drama. Before she could receive her degree, Sandra decided to take the leap, jumping into her career, moving to the Big Apple to finish her degree and, most importantly, go to every casting call and audition she could! By Camille Wagner Photo from AceShowbiz 30

You can’t help but lover her!

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