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eauty Hello there! If

eauty Hello there! If you are worried about what to wear this summer, don’t be! There are so many new fashion trends and we want to make sure you get access to it all. So get inspired by this selection and get your shopping on because being a true gentleman never goes out of style! 1-Burberry Price: $320.00 The new rainbow vintage check baseball cap is the perfect addition to your summer outfit. 2--Hugo Boss Price: $245.00 Enjoy this newly-in Houndstooth Italian Cotton Polo Shirt. It’s a slim fit and perfect to show off that summerbod! 3-Vilebrequin Price: $250.00 Vilebrequin’s charming Moorea swimming trunks are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. This one for example features a charming Turtles print pattern. 44 1 4 4-Fendi Price: $790.00 These new brown loafers are perfect for a walk down the boardwalk or for a social event with your loved ones. 5-Louis Vuitton Price: $2,900.00 The Tambour Horizon features creativity, innovation, and savoirfaire; it is designed to travel the globe in style! 5 2 6 3 6-Gucci Price:$400.00 These rectangular-frame metal sunglasses feature a black metal frame, gold metal temples wand green lenses. 7 7-Daniel Hechter For his new collection Class in Session, Hechter showed off big buttons, trim chinos, and goodboy dress shirts peeking out of crewneck sweaters.

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