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success story Arnaud

success story Arnaud Ferlin For chef Arnaud Ferlin cooking is a vocation. Born and raised in South of France in the city of Perpignan close to Spain, Arnaud opened his first restaurant in his garage at the age of 18 years old without telling his own mother. After the opening of his 4 restaurants in France, he decided to live the American Dream in Magic City : Miami. His first restaurant Amour de Miami is located in Brickell, the financial district. In this place you can feel a convivial atmosphere with healthy and homemade food made with a great ingredient : Love. Interviewed by: Catherine Lhote Can you tell us how you started your career? I opened my first restaurant without telling anybody because my mother wanted me to finish my studies first, but I couldn’t wait ! I really wanted to start working on my passion as soon as possible. I had this idea for years so I saved money for a long time. I found a garage for a good price and decided to open my own restaurant there. I put together different menus to help create french cuisine . Basically it was a Tapas restaurant and a musical bar. I was living very close to Spain therefore I have always been influenced by the catalan cuisine . 48

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