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success story Has cooking always been a passion? Always. I never imagined myself doing anything else. My grandmother who was an artisan baker gave me the passion of gastronomy. When I was a child, I used to cook with her every Sunday after church; it was such an amazing moment. The Beef Bourguignon was one of her specialities... and to be honest I am still using her recipe for most of the dishes I’m cooking! Why did you choose Miami ? What do you like in this city? When I first came here, I was 20 years old. My dream was to come to the United States and discover the city of Miami. I literally fell in love with the city and the people. What I like here is the diversity of the people, the mix of different cuisine and, of course, the beauty of the city. I like the energy, it’s very positive! The mix of nature and modernity is amazing. I just said to myself : « I need to open a restaurant here » and from there, Amour de Miami was born . What were you doing in France before living in Miami? I was taking care of my restaurants in Perpignan as a chef and owner. All of my family coming from North of France in Picardie used to have bakeries and restaurants over there. Of course, the logical move was for me to open my own restaurant, but the beginning stages are never easy. Now all my restaurants are doing very well and I’m very attached to the members of my team in each of my places. I wanted to maintain the same atmosphere and the same kind of cuisine here in Miami. 50

Opening a business in United States is a challenge, how do you feel now about that? Being 22 years old and opening a restaurant in a country I didn’t know was very challenging yes. But I love challenges. In life you have to take risks. It’s better to try than fail...that’s my slogan! What is the secret to your success? Generosity and sharing. I love my employees and I want them to feel at home everytime they come to work. We are a family! I put a lot of love into my cooking. I want the customers having a great time and enjoying every moment.

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