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eauty Atlas of

eauty Atlas of Beauty They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when looking at standards of beauty in different cultures, we know that’s a fact! Every woman has done things to make themselves “more” beautiful…from eyelash extensions, Brazilian waxes, and tanning beds, to hair coloring and much more. Here, in the U.S., we may value long and flowy hair, tanned skin, and a face with no wrinkles…but in other parts of the world, pale complexions and curves, for example, are the standards of beauty. As a tribute to the World Cup and the different countries, enjoy exploring seven very different qualities that are considered beautiful around the world. Long hair everyday – many Russian women consider their long, wheat/blond colored, hair their pride. Anyone can dye their hair but it is rare to find an American or Western European with this specific color without Russian genes. Also, Russian women care about their curly eyelashes that create a deep, intense, glare. 62 RUSSIA GROUP A

BRAZIL GROUP E Brazil has always been one of the most body-conscious cultures in the world. The ideal woman has curvaceous hips and thighs and the new trend is to have the “Barbie” look – have breast augmentation and liposuction fur the “perfect” curves. Another fun fact, women use a yellow/gold crème to bleach their body hairs while at the beach. NIGERIA GROUP D The standard of beauty in Nigeria is largely determined by: the gracefulness of the eyeballs, whiteness of the teeth, the straightness of the neck, and the plumpness of the butt. Most notably, however, is their attire’s finishing touch…the “gele,” which is a head wrap that usually complements their outfit.

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