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eauty IRAN GROUP B Many women in the U.S. have gotten nose jobs. But did you know that Iran is the rhinoplasty capital of the world? Men and Women there are proud to show off their procedures so much that they’ll often wear their bandages much longer than needed! And some will even purchase surgical tape to wear, even if they haven’t had any surgery! JAPAN GROUP H 64 In various parts of Asia, pale, white skin represents affluence and attractiveness. In Japan, women avoid the sun as much as possible (hence, their parasols). Women in Japan use skin-care products with whitening agents… unfortunately however, it becomes hard to find products without bleaching properties.

SWEDEN GROUP F The tall, dashing, blond-hair, and blue-eyed stare is the stereotypical Swedish woman. Ida Ovmar for example, Miss Sweden of 2016, depicts this stereotypical beauty standard. The Swedish girl’s everyday look focuses on naturally sleek hair, long lashes, and glowy skin, using makeup to add color to natural beauty. TUNISIA GROUP G There is a complicated relationship between the hijab a woman wears and the desire for sexual appeal. In recent years, women have begun to show more of their faces and more of their long wavy pitchblack hair, wearing what is called a “Sefseri.” These veils compliment the woman’s bold features.

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