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horoscope Cancer Aries

horoscope Cancer Aries March 20 - April19 Take advantage of all that Lady Luck is sending your way. People are eager to help you out because they want to be with you. Accept graciously when others want to buy you lunch. Sports are a natural fit for your sign, so if you get invited to attend the World Cup this June, put on your running shoes, Aries; this will be just one of many gifts coming your way! Taurus April 20 – May 20 Trust your intuition, Taurus, especially after Uranus, the planet of magical awakenings enters your sign on May 15th. Uranus works swiftly to help you manifest your dreams, so be careful of what you wish for because it may become your reality. Luscious green Malachite and the earthy fragrance of Vetiver keep you grounded in this high energy season, and the warm, red Carnelian helps to set you free. Gemini May 21 – June 20 Italy is a republic born under your star sign, Gemini, and Lake Como is the perfect place for your summer retreat. I see you resting at a villa in between your short excursions to procure luscious food for lakeside parties. True, you went there for sanctuary, so don’t become distracted by too much of a good thing. Neptune, your writers muse, is charming only when he stays focused on creativity. June 21 - July 21 Venus has returned to the evening sky, and you can see her splendid glory every night as she dances with the Moon. This goddess of love moves closely with you now. Learn her ways, Cancer. She brings you silver to reflect her Light; a Moonstone that you may know her secret heart. You have many responsibilities now, but know that Venus is teaching you to love yourself most of all. Leo July 22 – August 22 You need a city with heart, and Miami fills that desire perfectly. Great music, amazing art, and fine dining soothes your soul, plus, you can even bring your family. Best of all, the stars suggest that this is a positive time to purchase a home. Set your sights high, Leo. Gold brings you good fortune, but it is the warmth inside your heart that opens the doors to all good things. Yes, you CAN have it all! Virgo August 23 – September 22 Malta is a grand Virgo nation, and one that suits you perfectly. Freedom of all spiritual beliefs is a hallmark of Malta, and surely a visit to this land will soothe your soul and help to answer those lingering questions. Green jade helps to balance you. Your quest for personal freedom is well founded, but it comes at a price. Do not lose courage, Virgo. The Knights and Dames of Malta were healers, just like you. Libra September 23 - October 21 The lover you meet now is new to your life, but familiar to your soul. Savor the days and nights because destiny has brought you together. In your quite times alone, seek to understand that this is a season of harvest. Much of the hard work has been done – it’s time to collect the rewards. Jupiter is standing guard for a financial win, Libra; be soft in love, but strong with your money. Scorpio October 22 – November 21 You are learning to go with the flow. Your power comes through written and spoken words, but you still need a dose of inspiration. The Maldives Islands offer you comfort with the grace of a private paradise. And, you can swim with the whale sharks year around. If you pay attention, these gentle giants will show you how to really communicate. Tune in, Scorpio – color in the lines, but make your own coloring book. Sagittarius November 22 – December 20 Your natural thirst for travel will take you places you’ve never been before, Sag. It’s time to satisfy your spiritual longing and fill your soul with beauty and inspiration found in places of natural wonder. The Himalayas provide cool respite for the summer heat. You must seek and find answers to your deepest questions in this season of exploration and growth. By Maya White Capricorn December 21 - January 19 Saturn insures that you’ll meet responsibility now. You are gifted with a powerful voice and many famous singers were born under your sign. Like Elvis, you’ll leave a legacy that lives beyond your years. Your task at hand is nothing short of reinventing yourself. Australia is a Capricorn nation, and a walkabout will help to open your mind. But what you really need to do is: write every day. Aquarius January 20 – February 17 You are a citizen of the Universe, Aquarius. However, Uranus, your ruling planet is preparing for a deep dive into the realm of Mother Earth, and you must pay attention. Ritual is a powerful way to connect; honor the New Moon every month as a time of fresh beginnings. Plant your seeds and nurture your garden in every way. Beautiful flowers are ready to bloom in your life. Pisces February 18 – March 19 Ultraviolet is the Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s a perfect reflection of your inner beauty, Pisces. Fluorite clears your mind, and amethyst offers spiritual protection. Lilac lepidolite releases anxiety, and sugulite, another stone of the Violet Ray family, serves as a reminder of divine love. Purple is a color of royalty, Pisces. Surround yourself with this hue, and let the magic begin. © Maya White/2018 © EHARRISPHOTO.COM


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