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Private pilates

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The House of Movement The House of Movement is delighted to be a part of the Balanced Body family, the largest and most innovative Pilates equipment and education company in the world. HOM becomes the first training center in America to teach Pilates certification courses in the Spanish language. The Balanced Body Pilates curriculum is designed to provide a solid grounding in the traditional choreography designed by Joseph Pilates while incorporating contemporary concepts in anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics. HOM is committed to provide its students with all the tools they need to succeed and empower them to bring mindful movement all around the world. HOM looks forward to starting their first «Pilates Mat 1» class in Spring 2018. Stay tuned! Open 7 days/week - 1900 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33129 (305) 200-5911 -

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