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Spring Bow Wow

It’s a tough decision,

It’s a tough decision, Scott comes to West Hollywood with - accent are originally from New Jersey, - Angeles. SCOTT BACKMAN The judges include Scott Backman from West Hollywood Animal Hospi- assistant. Scott was named one of tionists in the country by PetPlan, many know him for his smile at the front desk, he’s known by others as a standup comedian and actor. Scott sees life as a day-by- day experiment—and with all experiments, we don’t always get the results we antici- - with his offbeat wit. Open-minded he goes. 18 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

only a deep technical expertise in re- with fresh prepared whole food diets has suffered from kidney disease but age of 16, thanks to a special renal moderate protein diet from Just Food for Dogs. “It all starts with nutrition,” Oscar says. “You are what you eat, and practically any health issue can be addressed through a higher quality diet. medicine where people are seeking whole food diets using real USDA in- cans that use feed grade ingredients.” DR. TODD CASLYN Then there was treating that anteater for diarrhea. And rescuing that baby manatee. Todd, the happy owner of a Great Dane, says his practice is more about empathy than money. FOCUSED, REALLY,” HE SAYS. “WE’RE MORE The empathy and animal-focus also can be seen in Laurel Pet’s adoption and orphan ward, home to 20 or so dog and cat DR. OSCAR CHAVEZ graduated from Royal Veterinary College in London. Oscar is chief medical for its pet food made from USCA certi- tables and whole grains, and the leader of its canine nutrition team. Oscar joined the faculty of the Animal and Veterinary Science department at ty, Pomona in 2009. He was director of technology program from 2010 – 2013, and remains an adjunct faculty and professor of canine clinical nutrition. He is a member of the American Society of Nutrition, member of the Multidisciplinary Committee on the Veterinary Medical Board and member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. As director of Canine Clinical Nutrition, Oscar brings not Dr. Todd Caslyn runs one of West Hol- Laurel Pet Hospital, which his father started in 1971. It’s sort of a family business, with Todd’s brother, J.D. Calsyn, a specialist in internal medicine. in Sherman Oaks with his wife, also with animals extends far beyond canines. He worked at Sea World Orlando as an intern and understands that treating dogs and cats is quite different from treating ocean creatures. “With whales, you just do blow hole culture and draw blood,” Todd says. “I mean that’s it. [If] they’re sick, you put a bunch of 19

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