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Spring Bow Wow


“WHEN PEOPLE SAY, ‘WEST HOLLYWOOD HAS GONE TO THE DOGS,’ THEY MEAN IT” 2010 The city banned the retail sale of cats and dogs (i.e. from pet stores, which are often supplied by puppy mills). Not that any pet store in WeHo was selling cats and dogs. 2013 WeHo banned commercial displays of exotic animals. Not that anyone was planning to bring the circus to WeHo. (Are you seeing a trend here?) 2013 The city’s ban on the retail sale of fur products 2016 The City Council adopted a resolution con- China.( So far the Yulin, China, City Council 22 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

2017 The city adopted a law requiring that dog bathers and groomers be certi- ing program. THE CITY OF WEHO RESPONDS For all that animal-friendly legislation, few complaints. For one thing, some off-leash dog parks. For a long time there was only William S. Hart Park at leash park, Hart has a wood chip and mulch surface. Some local dog owners that it is dirty and that it is dominated by big dogs. The City of West Hollywood responded to those complaints with the opening in January of two off-leash dog parks in West Hollywood Park, one for big dogs and the other for little ones. Those of fake grass chosen because it is en- looks like the real thing. “When people say, ‘West Hollywood has gone to the dogs,’ they mean it” said City Councilmember Lauren Meister at the opening ceremony. Council member John D’Amico pushed for the parks West Hollywood Park included more play areas for kids but none for ani- kids, remarked D’Amico. 23

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