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Spring Bow Wow


BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018 PEOPLE FIND WAYS AROUND BANS ON DOGS IN APARTMENTS AND GROCERY STORES AND GYMS No Dogs, Too IT’S ALL QUITE COMPLICATED dogs has some limitations. For example, a recent sur- listed for rent are no-pet zones (a notable exception is ment buildings.) those who are passionate spoken out about people taking their dogs into gyms, restaurants, bars and grocery stores. According to the city, WeHo apartment (not condo) land- or birds under 35 pounds if the tenant is at least 62 disability, and/or is HIV- One or more of those cri- 15 percent of West Hollywood residents are seniors (ages 65 and up) and near- percent are HIV- cording to the city’s 2013 Community As the city’s Rent Stabilization and Hous- sion has explained, the “two dogs, cats or birds” Hollywood’s Rent Stabilization ordinance to allow someone who had agreed originally to a “no pets” lease to get an animal at a later date because his or her changed and the animal important emotional support. When it comes to apart- cumstances under which landlords in WeHo must allow pets. 24 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

and post-traumatic stress disorder. building as a new tenant with a pet. of the federal Fair Housing into a no-pets property if he or she has a statement from a doctor that the animal is ability. In West Hollywood, therapy dogs must be permitted if That documentation does tenant’s disability is, and landlords aren’t permitted to ask. - trained to “performs tasks for someone who is blind, for example – and also emotional support animals (aka therapy animals). Therapy animals are not necessari- port” for people with conditions such as depression, anxiety “Documentation from a physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional that the - ates one or more of the iden- an existing disability is suf- the city. dog into a place where, for sanitary or safety reasons, animals typically are barred. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires “reasonable accommodation” for - - work or perform tasks for al with a disability.” (The ADA in some circumstances includes miniature horses). The ADA explicitly does not include animals who pro- port.” Under the ADA there are no restrictions on size, weight or breed of animal – that pit bull needs to be treated as nicely as a poodle. 25

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