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Spring Bow Wow


28 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

These days people rely on apps and websites such as, and Grindr to make connections with others. BUT THE REAL CON NECTIONS CONTINUE TO BE MADE WHILE WALKING OR PLAYING WITH YOUR POOCH. Somehow who is smitten by you might rectly. But he or she certainly will feel comfortable squatting down and petting your dog and asking for his or her name. That’s where the human connection begins. So where do you exercise your dog, and your libido, in or near West Hollywood? Here are some WEST HOLLYWOOD PARK The most popular part of West Hollywood Park (which will be That would be two off-leash dog parks, which opened in January. The parks, constructed at a cost of $700,000, are on the north end of West Hollywood Park at San Vicen- If anyone doubts West Hollywood’s passion for dogs, consider that that price works out to $700,000 for a quarter acre of land. WILLIAM S. HART PARK Sunset (behind Sunset Tower Hotel), this for a long time was the only real dog park in West Hollywood. It’s open from 6 a.m. to midnight and features soft mulch. There’s plenty of water, pick up your pet’s poop. RUNYON CANYON - Ho-adjacent (aka in Los Angeles). It of- dog-friendly atmosphere. At the base water for your dog. And in 90 of the 160 acres of the park, you’re allowed to let your dog walk with you unleashed. The hikes are steep, though, so be aware that your pooch may tire before you hit the top. Oh, and pay attention to the pooch and not all the B-list actors you’ll see hiking nearby. The 4,250-square-foot park for small dogs is on the west side of the park’s basketball court. The 7,350-square-foot park for large dogs is on the east side of the basketball court. They are both car- - is open from 6 a.m. to midnight. 29

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