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Spring Bow Wow

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Thereafter the percentages plummet breeds such as the clumber spaniel, the Norwegian elkhound and THE WIREHEAD POINTING GRIFFON, THREE OF 19 BREEDS THAT ARE REPRE SENTED BY ONLY ONE DOG IN AND NEAR OUR CITY. & G Dogs whose breeds are listed as “unknown” are remarkably rare –17 on for “mutt,” a common term for those adopted canines whose genetics are unclear. 32 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

What also is a bit surprising is the small number of fashionable dogs. The French bulldog, for example, accounts for only 2.1% (50) of the dogs on our registration list. There are only 45 pugs on the list, representing 1.8% for 5% of the species when one lumps together standard poodles, toy poodles and miniature poodles. dogs, has argued that French bulldogs (those “Gucci-friendly, the clutchsize mongrels”) already are out of fashion, with the Vizla, Irish wolfhound, Rhodesian ridgeback, mini Australian shepherd and mini bull terrier among those next in line. 33

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