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The Trucker Newspaper - April 15, 2018

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40 • April 15-30, 2018 ** FILLER ** FILLER ** \\ttnas01\layout\display\0.EPS No Image ** FILLER ** FILLER ** ** FILLER ** FILLER ** \\ttnas01\layout\display\0.EPS No Image ** FILLER ** FILLER ** Drivers and Owner- Operators across the country turn to The Trucker for upto-date news and information about the industry. Promote your product or service here! For display or line ad information email request to meganh@ targetmediapartners .com TICKET DEFENSE Got a ticket? Fight it! Get a FREE quote No Membership National or Local Coverage Protect your CDL! Coast to Coast 888-266-0499 ACCESSORIES HOGEBUILT Fenders Step Boxes AUTHORITY AUTHORITY Be Your Own Boss! Get your authority and start your own trucking company with Apex. • We make it simple and stress free • A transportation expert is with you every step of the way • FREE unlimited credit checks 24/7 • No monthly minimum volume fees • Low, competitive rates AUTHORITY Check out our FREE load board! TLOAD Create an account today! Get Started Today! 855-385-2739 | ACCESSORIES Shop 24/7 Online @ “WE’RE WITH YOU FOR THE LONG HAUL!” Herd Bumpers Defender Lincoln Chrome Exhaust Stacks NE (800)763-4833 • TX (888)763-4833 See our ad on page 12! Miter West Coast Curve NOW AVAILABLE! In-Motion Satellite Receiver. Comes in Black & White. ORDER TODAY! BROKER SCHOOL NE BROKER SCHOOL MARKETPLACE RATES (Per Column Inch) Open rate: $54 pci Color: $13 pci 6x Contract: $48.82 pci 12x Contract: $47.09 pci 24x Contract: $43.55 pci MARKETPLACE EQUIPMENT • ROLLER BEARING ALLOWS FOR SMOOTHER OPERATION • CAN BE MADE RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED • TWO STYLES AVAILABLE • HAS A THREE FINGER SPOOL CLAMP MOUNT STAKE POCKET MOUNT Call us at (541) 941-0226 Visit STRAPROLLER.COM and Chain Tools available at CHAINTOOL.COM TICKET DEFENSE TRAFFIC TICKET? CALL US! (800) 444-4424 Aiding truckers for over 15 years! Nationwide traffic attorneys NO membership fees! (800) 444-4424 WWW.TRUCKERTRAFFICTICKETS.COM EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED • NO Experience necessary • Salary Commensurate, and takes little of your time REQUIREMENTS: - Should be a computer literate, must be efficient and dedicated. Please send resume to: 2 • The Trucker NATIONAL EDITION August 1-15, 2005 April 15-30, 2018 • 41 ** FILLER ** FILLER ** \\ttnas01\layout\display\0.EPS No Image ** FILLER ** FILLER ** EQUIPMENT Protects Air Brake systems Automatically removes: Moisture Dirt Oil AIR BRAKES NEED EXPELLO! EQUIPMENT EXPELLO AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVES ELIMINATE FREEZE UP AND PROTECT AIR BRAKE SYSTEMS FROM CORROSION. 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