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MEMBERSHIP GASSA membership is available to Self Storage Owners, Managers, Management Companies, Vendors/Suppliers, and anyone interested in the Self Storage Industry. Dues are $250 per calendar year (January – December). The Association has two main membership types: Full Member: Any individual, partnership, corporation or other entity which has at least 5% ownership interest in a self-storage facility. Associate Member: Any individual, partnership, corporation or other entity which has reason to be interested in the self-storage industry and has less than 5% ownership interest in a self-storage facility. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Access to the Georgia Self Storage Association approved rental lease – updated annually by the legal counsel. Georgia SSA approved rental agreements are also available pre-formatted for use in SiteLink Web Edition software. Access to member/vendor directories. Member newsletters which bring up-to-the-minute news as well as tips and features of GASSA members. Unparalleled networking opportunities – GASSA members gain knowledge from each other. Monthly Luncheons – held nearly every month in Atlanta and/or periodically throughout other Georgia areas National SSA affiliation – GASSA partners with SSA to keep you posted on national news to enhance our statewide actions and benefits. This partnership provides GASSA members with access to: (a) An annual subscription to the monthly SSA Globe magazine (b) Free call-in attendance to SSA’s On-line University live Webinars (c) Access to the SSA-MiniCo Health Insurance Programs (both Major Medical as well as Limited Benefit plans) (d) Access to the SSA-Self Storage Legal Network Affiliate Plan (e) Special “Indirect Member” discounted pricing to all SSA Conferences and Trade Shows (Register online and select the state and internal affiliate category. No member number is required). (f) Special “Indirect Member” discounted pricing on all SSA Publications (Contact Mike Blackett, SVP of Marketing and Communications at (g) Special “Indirect Member” discounted pricing on all SSA stand-alone educational seminars or programs (h) Special “Indirect Member” discounted pricing on all SSA-REIS Quarterly (Rental Rate & Occupancy) Data Reports on the Top Fifty U.S. Markets (279 Submarkets). Annual Expo – held in the fall, the GASSA Convention & Expo offers networking, education and vendor meeting opportunities to help you stay competitive. Legislative Advocacy – representation on pertinent issues at the Georgia State Capitol. 5