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5 DAY Orkhon Valley

5 DAY Orkhon Valley Landscape Cultural Tour Overview If you have only a short period of time but want to explore as much of Mongolia’s diverse landscape as possible, this is the trip for you! The richly historic Orkhon river basin is the cradle of Central Asia’s unique nomadic Culture which has developed in harmony with the natural landscape and social environment since prehistoric times. There are a variety of historic sites and ruins, including monuments, monasteries and temples which are outstanding in universal value within this cultural landscape. The Orkhon Valley bears an exceptional testimony of the existence of human beings in Central Asia. On this tour you will see Mongolia’s natural wildlife including Takhi horses, camels, hawks and much more. You will also visit Kharkorum town (the old capital of Mongolia), venturing into the ‘mini Gobi’ where you will have the opportunity to ride camel and horse. Activity • Camel riding • Swimming • Horse riding • Hiking • Historical sites • Cultural experiences • Geological sites • Archaeological sites Highlights • Khustai - National Park • Kharkhorin-Ancient Capital City • Erdene Zuu – Monastery • Tuvhun Temple • Khogno Khan Mountain • Semi-Gobi Desert • Orkhon Waterfall Accommodation As a Mongolian company we prefer to support Nomadic families financially, and help support their livelihood. We are sure this resonates with our travellers who enjoy engaging with their culture on The Steppe. way of life on The Steppe. It is therefore our preference to stay with these families if they have an extra Ger. As well as directly supporting local herders, you can experience this rich traditional way of life first hand. Transport • Russian Van: Steel Russian vans with seats facing each other, ideal for adventure seeking travellers (max 6 people) • Japanese Van: Family type van with comfortable seats and air conditioning (max 4 people) • Land Cruiser: Comfortable speedy ride with air conditioning (max 2 people) Departure Time & Place Tour departure times can be flexible, however 8 am on the morning of departure is recommended. The driver and guide can pick you up from the airport, train station, or your accommodation to suit your requirements Tour price-per person • 1-person US$ 1,200 per person • 2-people US$ 650 per person • 3-people US$ 550 per person • 4-people US$ 450 per person • 5-people US$ 400 per person • 6-people US$ 370 per person Price Included • Transport (Tour Distance covered - 1100 km) • Tour Guide • Accommodation at family run guesthouses. - nomadic family Gers • 3 Meals a day (Breakfast-5. Lunch-5. Dinner-4) • Entrance fees/Local Taxes • Horse & camel riding 1 hour each • Mineral water/Tea/coffee

Tour Itinerary Day 1. Hustai National Park - Khogno Khaan Natural Reserve After an early 7am breakfast, the tour begins as 8am with the drive out of Ulaanbaatar. The first stop will be Hustai National Park. The park is home to the successfully reintroduced Przewalski or “Takhi” Horse. There are some of the last truly wild horses in the world. Picnic lunch in the mountain of Hustai. Your final destination for the day will be the wild rocky mountain, where you will stay in a local family ger and enjoy dinner. Khogno Khan Natural Reserve is a beautiful series of rocky hills that rise above the otherwise flat landscape and sand dunes. You can visit the ruins of the monastery called Uvgun Khiid, that destroyed 1937 by Stalin Purges and even spot a snow leopard if you are lucky. Day 2. Ulaantsutgalan Waterfalls Your day will begin with riding 2 humped Bactrian Camel for an hour along the sand dunes. During your camel ride, breakfast will be ready by the time you finish riding. Ready to leave 9 am, to go to the next destination drive about 130km, half paved, half dirt road. Lunch in Hujirt town, this town is famous for its local hot springs healing services. ‘Red Flows’ is the English translation for this river. The area was formed by volcanic activity that dates back 20,000 years. This location is amazing for trekking, horse riding, fishing, relaxing, and indulging your inner photographer. Depending on the weather and your mood, you are allowed to ride a horse after dinner or before, or even in the next morning. Stay in the local family ger camp, where you can take a shower. Day 3. Tuvhun Monastery - Khar Khorin Breakfast will be at 7:30am, drive straight after breakfast to visit Tuvkhun Monastery. When you arrive bottom of the mountain, start the 2km hike to the uphill temple and trek back 2 km. There is some local hire their horses which is a possibility to do that, however the charge of the 2 hour and come back 2-hour horse riding is extra charge on the top of this tour. When you get back to the van, you will have lunch served by local food/people. In 1653, believers who gathered in Erdene Zuu Monastery decided to build a special Monastery for Zanabazar. Following this decision, the Monastery Tuvkhun was built at Shireet Ulaan, the most beautiful scenery in the Khangai Mountains. This monastery is located in densely forested and picturesque mountains at an elevation of 2000m above sea level.Please note that heavy rains can make the Tuvkhun Monastery unaccessible, in which case our travel plans may need to change. Start heading towards Kharkhorin for about 70km on dirt river road. Khar Khorin is the ancient capital built by Chinggis Khan in the 13th century. Visit the magnificent Erdene Zuu monastery, Khar Khorin museum, as well as some of the rock monuments in the town. After a big day exploring have a nice dinner at local family restaurant. Shower available at the guesthouse. Day 4. Ogii Lake Easy day starts from 9am breakfast and visit Erdene Zuu active temple to listen monks chanting. After the temple. Start driving to Ogii Lake. Picnic lunch on the road. Prepared by guide. Today’s drive continues only 70km. Ogii Lake is a freshwater lake 1,387 meters above sea level and covers an area of 27 square km. The lake abounds in various types of fish and birds, which creates incredible natural beauty. Have a walk around do swimming. And boat hire available. Charged hourly will cost extra, not included on this tour price. Dinner by lake. Stay in the local family ger camp. Day 5. Ulaanbaatar After last hearty breakfast the 9am. Start driving to Ulaanbaatar. On the way to capital city, we will visit Khar Bukhiin Balgas, a fortress that was inhabited by the Kitan Dynasty from 917 to 1120. Then return to Ulaanbaatar with nothing but fond memories, enjoying a picnic lunch on the way and one last day in the wild. Tour Map Day 4 Ogii Lake Day 5 Back to UB Ulaanbaatar Day 1 Khogno Tarna Day 3 Kharkhorin Day 2 Ulaantsutgalan Water Fall Horse riding Camel riding Talk to Us: +976 99643242 Write to Us: Read About Us:

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