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5 DAY Gobi Desert ADVENTURE Essential information Tour Overview On this five Day journey, you will fly down to the South Gobi Desert to see the desert steppe, tremendous sand dunes, deep gorges with rivers running through them, Mongolia’s own “Grand Canyon,” and the infamous “Flaming Cliffs” of Bayanzag, and visit the dinosaur museum. The Gobi is a large desert region in Northern China and Southern Mongolia. The desert basins of the Gobi are bounded by the Altai Mountains and the grasslands and steppes of Mongolia on the North, by the Tibetan Plateau to the Southwest and by the North China Plain to the Southwest. The word Gobi means “desert” in Mongolian. The Gobi is made up of several distinct ecological and geographic regions, based on variations in climate and topography. The Gobi is most notable in paleontology and history as part of the great Mongol Empire and as the location of several important cities along the Silk Road. Get in touch with your inner nomad as you hike, trek, horse & camel ride, and “sand sled” through the Gobi Desert. Highlights • Cultural experiences • Geological sites • Yoliin Am • Khongoryn Els Transport • Bayanzag • Ger stay • Hiking • Camel riding Accommodation As a Mongolian company we prefer to support Nomadic families financially, and help support their livelihoods. We are sure this resonates with our travellers who enjoy engaging with their culture on The Steppe. It is therefore our preference to stay with these families if they have an extra Ger. As well as directly supporting local herders, you can experience this rich traditional way of life first hand. • Domestic Flight • Russian Purgon: Steel Russian vans with seats facing each other, ideal for adventure seeking travellers (max 6 people) • Japanese Van: Family style van with comfortable seats and air conditioning (max 4 people) • Land Cruiser: Comfortable speedy ride with air conditioning (max 2 people) Tour price-per person • 1 person: US$1,490 per person • 2 people: US$ 1,190 per person • 3 people: US$ 990 per person • 4 people: US$ 820 per person • 5 person or more: USD 710 Price Included • Domestic Flight • Airport pick up/drop off • Transport (destination 600km) • Tour Guide • Accommodation at family run guesthouse and nomadic family Gers • 3 Meals a day (Breakfast-5, Lunch-5, Dinner-4) • Entrance fees/Local Taxes • Horse & camel riding 1 hour each • Mineral water/Tea/coffee Flaming Cliffs

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