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Tour Itinerary Day 1.

Tour Itinerary Day 1. Hustai National Park - Khogno Khan Natural Reserve After an earl 7am breakfast, the tour begins as 8am with the drive out of Ulaanbaatar. The first stop will be Hustai National Park. The park is home to the successfully reintroduced Przewalski or “Takhi” Horse. These are some of the last truly wild horses in the world. Lunch at a local restaurant on the way. Your final destination for the day will be the wild rocky mountain, where you will stay in a local family ger and enjoy dinner. Khogno Khan Natural Reserve is a beautiful series of rocky hills that rise above the otherwise flat landscape and sand dunes. You can visit the ruins of the monastery, and even spot a snow leopard if you are lucky. Day 2. Khogno Khan Mountain Spend the day adventuring by the mountain, riding a camel through the sand dunes and horses into the wild rocky mountain, as well as visiting Uvgun Khiid temple. Depending on the weather, a 2km hike in this mountain range is highly recommended. Spend the rest of day the with the nomadic family learn more about their culture, including assisting with herding livestock. Day 3. Khar Khorin After breakfast, we begin the 90km drive to next destination of Khar Khorin, the local town that was once the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire built by Chinggis Khan in the 13th century. Visit the magnificent Erdene Zuu monastery, Khar Khorin museum, as well as some of the rock monuments in the town. Lunch in a local café. After big day of exploring the town and its incredible history, enjoy dinner at a local family home. Day 4. Ogii Lake Easy day starts from 9am breakfast and visit Erdene Zuu active temple to listen monks chanting. After the temple. Start driving to Ogii Lake. Picnic lunch on the road. Prepared by guide. Today’s drive continues only 70km. Ogii Lake is a freshwater lake 1,387 meters above sea level and covers an area of 27 square km. The lake abounds in various types of fish and birds, which creates incredible natural beauty. Have a walk around. And boat hire available. Charged hourly will cost extra, not included on this tour price. Dinner by lake. Stay in the local family ger camp Day 5. Ulaanbaatar On the way back to Ulaanbaatar, we will visit Khar Bukhiin Balgas, a fortress that was inhabited by the Kitan Dynasty from 917 to 1120. Then we return to Ulaanbaatar with nothing but fond memories, enjoying a picnic lunch on the way and one last day in the wild! Tour Map Day 4 Ogii Lake Day 1-2 Khogno Khan Natural Reserve Hustain Nuruu Day 3 Khar Khorin Horse riding Camel riding Talk to Us: +976 99643242 Write to Us: Read About Us:

3 DAY NAADAM FESTIVAL Wrestling Tour Overview Mongolian Naadam is a three day festival celebrating Mongolian tradition with games, parades and celebrations. The highlights are the ‘three manly games’ of wrestling, archery and horseracing. Naadam is a truly amazing spectacle not to be missed. 512 wrestlers come together to fight in the stadium for the prestigious title of “State Titan”. Both the “Titan” himself and the trainers have the opportunity to choose partners during the first few rounds, thus reducing the number of less experienced wrestlers early on and creating more excitement for the final matches on the second day. The rules are very simple: the wrestling area is unrestricted, there are no weight-classes and the one who touches the ground with any part of the body, other than their feet, has lost. The winner continues to the next round. The loser has to pass under the wings (arms) of the proud winner as he conducts his eagle dance in celebration. The wrestlers wear tight pants and a small vest which covers the arms & shoulders but not the chest. The unique wrestling top was brought in, according to legend, to prevent women entering the competition after a woman managed to enter the competition and win! It has been said that Mongols are almost born with archery skills, once an integral part of nomadic lifestyle. From childhood such qualities such as excellent eyesight, judging of distance, patience and strength are nourished to develop a good archer. Mongolian bows are very tightly strung, so that it requires a great deal of strength to use them. Several teams of 5-7 archers compete, with each attempting to hit 33 leather cylinders from a distance of 75 meters, in a true test of skill. Archery Accommodation Welcome to our very clean, convenient and cozy Meg’s Guesthouse with friendly staff. We are perfectly located centrally within the city area, with a variety of attractions moments from our doorstep. Your two nights’ accommodation will be in our bunk beds in the guesthouse. • Horse riding • Hiking • Historical Sites Activity • Cultural Experiences • Archaeological Sites • Naadam Festival Tour price-per person 1-person US$ 680 per person 2-people US$ 520 per person 3-people US$ 410 per person 4 or more people US$ 320 per person Price Included • Transport (Tour Distance covered - 250 km) • Tour Guide • Meg’s Guesthouse (2nights dorm room) • Meals (Breakfast- 3. Lunch-3.) • Naadam Festival Tickets • Entrance Fees/Local Taxes • Horse Riding 1 Hour • Mineral Water/ Tea/ coffee Not Included × Travel insurance × International flights × Alcoholic drinks × Any other personal expenses or additional services

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