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Day 1. Opening Ceremony

Day 1. Opening Ceremony Like all great festivities, it all begins with an opening ceremony. Dancers and musicians delight the watching crowds athletes and horse riders march across the National Sports Stadium in UB. And after the spectacular ceremony, the competitions begin. Tour Itinerary Day 2. Horse Race Most of the day will be spent at the horseracing course after driving about 30km out of the city to see the amazing races. Later in the afternoon watch the Mongolian traditional Song and Dance Ensemble. Horseracing: The most impressive spectacle of the Naadam festival is surely the horseracing competitions. The horses cover different distances according to their age. Azarga (stallions) 28km, Ikh Nas (horses more than 5 years old) 30km, Soyolon (5-year olds) 25km, Khyazaalan (4-year olds) 22km, Shudlen (3-year olds) 20km and Daaga (colts to 2 years old) 15km. There are no limits on the number of horses participating; usually 200-600 horses in each race. The five winning horses are honored with a cup of mare’s milk (airag) poured on their necks, a khadag (respectful blue silk scarf) and a medal. Day 3. Terelj National Park- Chinggis Khaan Statue The day trip will start at 8am driving to the impressive Chinggis Statue, which dominates the landscape. Spend an hour marveling at the largest statue of Chinggis Khan youd will ever see. It is a jaw dropping scene among the beautiful hills and plains. For the daredevil inside there is also gliding available to witness this spectacular monument from the air. Terelj is a picturesque place of high cliffs of granite, rivers and forests. Terelj is famous for its distinctive rock formations including the ever-popular ‘Turtle Rock’. National Park activities including horse riding, eat lunch in a local family ger and hike to Ariyabal Meditation Temple. Your 3 Day Naadam Festival adventure will finish in Ulaanbaatar around 6pm. Tour Map Day 3 Terelj National Park Day 2 Horse Race Meg’s Guesthouse & Tours Day 1 Naadam Festival (National Sports Stadium) Chinggis Khaan Statue Horse riding Hiking Talk to Us: +976 99643242 Write to Us: Read About Us:

Tour Overview This trip encompasses the many stunning highlights of the world famous Gobi desert, as well as the lush, green surroundings of Central and Northern Mongolia. Driving south from Ulaanbaatar, you will pass through the Middle and Southern regions of the desert, allowing you to experience the vastness of this special landscape. Among the rolling sand dunes and hills, activities include riding the two humped Bactrian camels through the desert, visiting a Nomadic family, as well as enjoying the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that are on offer each day. Included is a trip to the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, known for its iconic sand dunes, ice canyon, flaming cliffs, lime stone formations, as well as many geological and archeological sites. After wandering around the Gobi, we will then head north to Central Mongolia. Here you will enjoy spectacular and lush greenery, swimming in freshwater lakes and waterfalls, as well as many famous cultural sites. Highlights include the ancient capital Khar Khorin, the Erdenezuu monastery, as well as visiting Khustai National Park to catch a glimpse of the Mongolian wild horses. Northern Mongolia is the perfect destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and wildlife. Lake Khuvsgul, which contains 65 percent of all the fresh water in Mongolia, is ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The surrounding mountains and forests are perfectly suited for wildlife observation, as they provide a habitat for more than sixty species. The Uran-Togoo Tulga Natural Reserve is also a great place to observe the variety of bird life and mammals, as well as explore the various hiking trails. Northern Mongolia is also home to the famous Tsaatan Reindeer people, an ethnic group that has remained virtually unchanged since the Ice Age. Location: Gobi Desert, Central Mongolia & Northern Mongolia Day 14 - 16 Khuvsgul Lake Day 13 Enroute to Khuvsgul Province Day 17 Selenge River Day 18 Amarbayasgalant Khiid Tour Map Day 11-12 Great White Lake Day 10 Tsenher Hot Springs Day 19 Back to UB Ulaanbaatar Day 9 Day 8 Khar khorin Tuvhun Monastery Ulaantsutgalan Day 7 Arvaikheer Day 1 Baga Gazriin Chuluu Day 2 Tsagaan Suvarga Day 4-5 Khongoryn Els Day 6 Bayanzag Day 3 Yol Valley Hiking Horse riding Camel riding Ship

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