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34 Monitoring food

34 Monitoring food marketing to children

9. Acknowledgements The development of the protocol has been funded by the Nordic Councils of Ministers, and work has been a joint project between the following persons and institutions: Steingerður Ólafsdóttir (University of Iceland), Annikka Marniemi (Finnish Consumer’s Union), Morten C. Andersen (The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration), Christina Berg and Hillevi Prell (University of Gothenburg ), Elva Gísladóttir (Directorate of Health – Iceland) and Britt Lande, Christina Hildonen, Hedda Refsum (Norwegian Directorate of Health) and Arnfinn Helleve (Norwegian Directorate of Health and Norwegian Institute of Public Health, project leader). In addition Mimi Tatlow-Golden (The Open University, UK), Helena Sandberg (Lund University), Mojca Gabrijelcic (National Institute of Public Health – Slovenia) and João Breda and Jo Jewell (WHO Euro) have contributed substantially to the development of the protocol. The work with the protocol has been discussed and anchored within the WHO European Action Network on reducing marketing pressure on children. Monitoring food marketing to children 35