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Signalling & Infrastructure In the extreme afternoon heat of Monday 27 November 2017, Vlocity Set 18, with 1118 leading, passes beneath a signal gantry approaching Lara enroute to Southern Cross Station, having departed South Geelong Station at 14.04. Steve Munro Compiled by David Campbell, Graham Vincent and David Whiteford New South Wales Airly Loop Junction (Wallerawang – Kandos line). The STOP Block located at 213.768km (adjacent to the Up Yard Limit Sign) was temporarily removed on 05/12/2017 to enable the entry of a works train proceeding towards Kandos. The STOP Block was reinstated after the passage of this train. North Shore line. Commencing 02/01/2018, new Auto signals were installed on the Up Shore line at 24.472km (SH15.20), 23.712km (SH14.76), 22.985km (SH14.30) and 20.265km (SH12.60). Existing Up Auto signal SH12.40 (at 19.833km) received altered aspects. These alterations are designed to allow for headway improvements along this line. Ashfield Crossover points 502A/502B and 503A/503B (Up end of station), which had been out of use since 14/11/2015, were removed from 06/11/2017. Blacktown New crossover points 352 at 34.178km (which had previously been installed from 02/09/2017) were commissioned into use from 16/12/2017. These points allow Down trains to pass from the Down Suburban line to the Down Main line at the Up end of the station with a diverging speed of 70km/h allowed. Existing crossover points 320 (Down Suburban to Down Main, Down end of station at 35.964km) were removed. Shunt signal BN98 was removed. Automatic signal M21.3 was converted to Controlled signal BN27M with aspect changes. Controlled signal BN89M was converted to Automatic signal M22.3, with the Shunt indication removed. Aspect changes were provided for signals BN29S, BN23S, BN47S, BN73S, BN91S, BN85UP and BN87UL. BN87 Indicator was altered to BN87 Co-Actor, receiving aspect changes as well. Boggabri Coal In conjunction with the commissioning of level crossing warning devices for the (private) Boggabri Coal Access Road from 10/10/2017, Up signal BC14 (Boggabri Coal branch) was relocated from 528.049km to 528.390km, and Up signal BC12 (Maules Creek branch) was relocated from 528.049km to 528.413km. Eveleigh Alterations are being made to the track arrangements at Eveleigh as part of the Inter-City Fleet Commissioning and Stabling Project. Commencing 09/12/2017, the Eastern Siding was extended in an Up direction by 26m. The existing buffer stop was relocated accordingly, and a new LED-type buffer stop light was provided. A new fixed train stop was installed 2.5m prior to the relocated buffer stop. Fassifern (North). Commencing 30/10/2017, crossover points 56A (Down Main) and 56B (Up Main) (facing crossover, allowing Up trains on the Up Main line to access the Down Main line thence the Newstan Colliery Sidings) were renewed and upgraded. Points 56B were relocated 5m in a Down direction. Ganmain (Junee – Griffith line). In conjunction with level crossing improvement works, three new Main Line Indicators were provided from 16/01/2018. MLI “D” faces Down trains at 538.067km; MLI “X” and “B” face Up trains at 538.099km and 539.090km respectively. The operation of these Main Line Indicators is interlocked with Frames D and B to prevent unnecessary operation of the level crossing warning devices. Glenfield (South Sydney Freight Line). New points 225B were installed at 39.879km on the Glenfield Passing Loop (Loop line) from 02/12/2017. The points will form a connection into the future Moorebank Intermodal Terminal, and will remain locked and secured pending future commissioning. Gordon (North Shore line). Commencing 04/11/2017, points 53A (catch, Local Platform Road) and 53B (Up Shore line) were renewed and upgraded. Points 53B were relocated 4m in an Up direction. Hornsby (Reference should also be made to Railway Digest, November 2017, page 47). Commencing 29/12/2017, the track connections between the Shore lines and the Main lines at the Down end of the station were removed. Double slip points 521A/522B were removed, with new single turnout 521A provided; the new points align with existing 521B points to form a simple trailing crossover between the Down and Up Main lines. Facing crossover points 523 (Up Main to Up Shore line) were booked out of use, locked and secured, with some track between these turnouts removed. Points 525A/catch 525B were locked and secured in the normal position, allowing movements between the Up Shore line (platform 1) and the car sidings only, these were later removed. The low speed aspect on Down signal HY25 (Down Main, up end of station) was removed. Commissioning of the Hornsby Junction re-modelling works commenced on 02/01/2018, and are planned to be brought into service from 16/01/2018. The junction area on the Down side of the station was re-configured to simplify the track layout. The Up Loop line was re-arranged on the Down side of the station (33.971km) towards the Bridge Road bridge at 34.669km to form the new Up Shore line. A new No. 1 Up Siding was formed between 33.971km and 34.418km, this now forms a Turnback track for the Shore lines, terminating at a friction buffer stop. The Inwards and Outwards Car Shed Roads were re-configured between 34.107km and 34.459km and brought back into use, with routes available between platforms 1 – 4 and the Car Shed Roads. Frame B was brought back into use. The scissors crossover at the Up end of platforms 1 and 2 (points 515, 516, 517 and 518) was renewed on a new alignment, allowing the speed of trains diverging to be increased 40 RAILWAY DIGEST

from 8km/h to 15km/h. Crossover points 521 were brought into use. Crossover points 523, which had been between the Up Main and Down Shore lines, were altered to form a facing crossover between the Down Shore and Up Main lines. 526 facing crossover (Down and Up Shore lines) was altered to align with other trackwork alterations. New crossover 528 allows trains in the No. 1 Up Siding to access the Up Shore line. New facing crossover points 529 between the Down and Up Main lines, which had been previously installed from 28/10/2017, were brought into use. New crossover 530 (trailing, Up Main, facing, Up Shore line) was provided, allowing access between the Car Shed roads and the Main and Shore lines; this incorporates a diamond crossing on the lead to No. 1 Up Siding. Existing catchpoints 531 (Up Loop) were removed, with new points 531A (trailing, Up Shore) and catchpoints 531B (Outwards Car Shed road) provided. Existing 533 and 534 crossovers were removed, with 533 points (Up Shore) operating in conjunction with facing crossover 534 (between the Inwards and the Outwards Car Shed roads) installed. Containment catchpoints 544 are provided in the No. 1 Up Siding. On the Down Main line, signals HY24, HY53 and HY72 received additional/altered aspects. On the Up Main line, signal HY55 was relocated onto a signal gantry (also supporting HY57 and HY59) with altered aspects. Shunt signal HY58 was replaced with running signal HY58. Signals HY74, HY106, HY132 and HY134 received new/ altered aspects. On the Down Shore line, HY35 signal received altered aspects. HY57 was relocated onto a gantry (with HY55 and HY59), with altered aspects. HY46 Indicator was re-named as HY46 Co-Acting. New signals HY43 and HY63 were provided at 25.004km and 34.214km respectively (the shorter distance being via the Shore line). On the Up Shore line, HY48 Indicator was re-named as HY48 Co-Acting. HY59 was relocated onto the gantry with HY55 and HY57, with new aspects. HY62 was re-named as HY68, with altered aspects. HY105 signal also received new aspects. New signals SH15.46, HY62, HY77, HY78 and HY82 were provided. Down Relief line signal HY60 received new aspects. Turnback 1 line signal HY70 also received new aspects. New signals HY80 and HY86 were provided on the Outwards Car Shed road. New signal HY84 was provided on the Inwards Car Shed road. Signals HY86 and HY84 were installed on the same gantry with HY82 (Up Shore line). Marrar (Junee – Griffith line). In conjunction with level crossing improvement works, three new Main Line Indicators were provided from 30/01/2018. MLI “B” faces Down trains at 508.500km; MLI “X” and “D” face Up trains at 508.532km and 509.487km respectively. The operation of these Main Line Indicators is interlocked with Frames B and D to prevent unnecessary operation of the level crossing warning devices. Moolarben Coal Loop The Fixed Red signal located on the Arrival Road at 434.125km was relocated to 434.249km on 16/11/2017. Parkes (Orange line). The Down Landmark was relocated from 442.165km to 441.000km on 19/12/2017. Redfern (Illawarra). Crossover points 653 (trailing crossover between Up Illawarra and Down Illawarra lines, Down side of Redfern station) were renewed and upgraded from 09/12/2017. Both turnouts were relocated 2m in a Down direction. During this work, signal SY456I was relocated 22m in a Down direction. Stanwell Park (Illawarra). Down signals WG673, WG681 (Down Main) and WG675 (Up Main), and Up signals WG680, WG682 (Up Main) and WG678 (Down Main) were upgraded to LED type from 11/11/2017. Wahroonga (North Shore line). Up Automatic signal SH14.10 (Up Main) was upgraded to LED type from 28/10/2017. The medium aspect was removed, and the lower yellow aspect was “blanked out”. Warrell Creek (North Coast line). The Main Line, which was relocated between 542.769km and 543.262km from 06/08/2016 (see RD, August 2016, page 49) was reinstated at the original location, incorporating a new section of track and bridge over the upgraded Pacific Highway on 04/12/2017 (Eungai – Nambucca Heads section). Wollongong (Illawarra). Up signals WG428 (Down Main) and WG430 (Up Main) were upgraded to LED type from 11/11/2017. The “shunt ahead” aspects on Up signals WG466 (departing platform 2) and WG468 (departing platform 1) were replaced by “shunt” aspects. Two new Guards Indicators were provided operating in conjunction with Down signal WG461 (platform 2). Yagoona (Bankstown line). The Guards Indicator on platform 1 facing Up trains was upgraded to LED type from 04/11/2017. The other Guards Indicator on platform 1, and both Guards Indicators on platform 2 were removed. A new LED type Guards Indicator was provided on platform 2, facing Down trains. Victoria Richmond – East Richmond – Burnley – Burnley Sidings (Burnley being the junction between the Ringwood and Glen Waverley lines). Commencing 30/11/2017, the Burnley Signal Box was de-commissioned. Control of all signalling functions for the Burnley and Burnley Sidings areas was transferred to a new signal control panel at Metrol, using a Westlock computer-based interlocking. The 25Hz high voltage signal power supply was upgraded to a 50Hz system. The illuminated letter “A” indications provided at various Home signals in this area were removed. Down Home signals ERM306 and ERM328 and Down Automatic signal L89 were abolished. All remaining signals between the Up end of Richmond platforms, commencing with Down Automatic signals 298 (Down Burnley Local) and 278 (Down Burnley Through), and Up Automatic signals L72 (Up Burnley Local) and H72 (Up Burnley Through line), to the Down side of the Yarra River on the Ringwood line (L163 and H163, the Down and Centre lines respectively), and Up signals L156 (Automatic, Up line, now converted to a Home signal and re-numbered as BLY369) and BLY345 (Home, Centre line, re-numbered to BLY339), and on the Glen Waverley line to Down Home signal BLY380, and from the Glen Waverley line commencing at Up Home signal BLY383 (including the Burnley Stabling Sidings area) were converted to LED type. Many signals in this area were re-numbered, with other alterations including aspect changes and relocation onto tilt masts in situ being made. Down Automatic signals L71 (now RMD322), H71 (now RMD342), H83 (now ERM342), BLY312 (now BLY324), BLY334 (now BLY344), Down Dwarf signal BLY340 (now BLY366), and Up Automatic signals BLY281 (now BLY379), L156 (now BLY369), and Up Dwarf signal BLY321 (now BLY315) were converted to Home signals. All points were retained, although several of these were re-numbered as well. Carnegie (Caulfield – Dandenong line). In conjunction with level crossing removal works, this station was temporarily closed between 14/10/2017 and 19/11/2017. Croydon (Ringwood – Lilydale line). Up Automatic signal H942 was upgraded to LED type from 18/10/2017. Dunolly (junction between Yelta and Korong Vale lines). Commencing 14/10/2017, No. 2 Road was abolished. Dunolly is no longer available as a Train Order Crossing Station, its status being changed to an Intermediate Train order Station. No. 1 Road (the passenger platform road) is now the only track available for use. No. 7 points (Up end of crossing loop) were abolished, with the track now laying for No. 1 Road; the trailable point machine and Banner were also abolished. No. 27 points (Down end of Loop) were locked and secured in the Reverse position (laying for No. 1 Road); the Banner was abolished. The crossovers between No. 2 Road and yard sidings 3/4/5 operated by points E, (trailing Up moves, middle of yard), F (facing Up moves, middle of yard) and G (facing Up moves, Down end of yard) were abolished. Points A (Main line, facing Down moves into 3 & 4 roads) remain in situ, locked and secured at this stage. The three dual-gauge fixed turnouts provided to allow standard-gauge trains to terminate clear of the broad-gauge tracks were removed (these led to points D, J and H). At this stage, the only points from the original yard layout remaining were points “A” (Up end, main line to yard), 27 points (Down end, 1 – 2 roads), and 29 points (main line to Korong Vale line). All points are locked and secured directing trains to run via the platform track to/from the Korong Vale line. Further stage works were introduced from 04/12/2017. A Fixed-Gauge Splitter (numbered DLY 7) was installed facing Down trains on the Up end of the yard, on the Down side of the FEBRUARY 2018 41

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