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Pete Rezac Speaker Packet 2018

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Programs Enjoying Moments with Electricity This is a short program that I was asked to present during IUSA in the Print for Success Theater at the 2018 Imaging USA in Nashville TN. The goal of this program is to inspire members to print their work and how printed work does not require electricity to enjoy it. I cover three examples of the power of printed work and tell a story about each of them. One being a personal one after the passing of my father in law, One on finding a treasured tin type of my mother in laws Grand Father and his brothers, and one from a recent client who does not wish to have electronic means to enjoy her family - that’s right she does not want to deal with a computer or a cell phone to enjoy her loved ones. These stories are meant to be anchors of reality in the work we do as photographers and how taking it all the way to a print is the best way to ensure we preserve a visual legacy for the future generations and also to see our vision completed in the form of a print. This is a short program designed to inspire and start a conversation. This program could be part of collection of short programs during a dinner presentation at a state awards convention dinner, a short program that could be given after judging, or even something that could be done via a webinar. This is a short but powerful program as to the power of printed photography and the importance it has to perseving a visual legacy. Equipment required Projector with HDMI Input 19 of 26

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