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Pete Rezac Speaker Packet 2018

Endorsements I wish to

Endorsements I wish to provide you with my most heartfelt and sincere endorsement for Pete Rezac as a speaker at your upcoming photography event or convention. Pete recently spoke at our annual state affiliate educational conference here in Washington. All I can say is WOW! I have been involved in many local, state, and national educational events for Professional Photographers of America and its affiliates. I have rarely been as impressed as I was with his one day presentation. The greatest impact that I found with Mr. Rezac was his ability to speak to so many different levels of skill and experience at the same time. He was able to talk about his love of film and view cameras which excited the more seasoned photographers, and yet able to communicate on the digital level with those who have known only that world. Add in his high-spirited style, and a willingness to give the class a hands-on opportunity to learn made it a really great experience for all involved. I really hope that you will consider my friend Pete as a speaker in the near future of your event. Richard Breshears, M.Photog., CPP Professional Photographers of Washington 24 of 26

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