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YDS Flip Book Page Copy v1

YDS Flip Book Page Copy

Your Dream Show Crew A Production Team of world-class talent has assembled in Nashville ready to make Your Dream Show one of the most spectacular memories of your lifetime! They are incredible specialists in their areas, with years of experience, and stories to tell. You will receive the full Star-Treatment during your Production Week in Nashville The Team includes camera operators, writers, audio and lighting crew, talent department, glamour (hair/make-up/wardrobe), script department staff and others who work behind the scenes on some of the most incredible shows on the planet– from the largest Award Shows honoring the movie and music industries (including their Red Carpet Shows), historic Network Specials, award-winning Documentaries, Sports of all sorts, Cooking and Variety shows, and many, many more. These experts work world-wide, but call Nashville home and depending on scheduling, are ready to work on Your Dream Show. They have experience in crafting beautiful shows, working with all types of talent. They are ready to help your dream come to life in front of the camera! Each department brings a critical layer to the production. The final product is truly more than the sum of the individual parts. This synergy is part craft, part art, part heart and a lot of hard work. We’ve tried to characterize a bit of the contribution from each department below to help you understand all that will go into your production:

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