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YDS Flip Book Page Copy v1

Your Dream Show Crew

Your Dream Show Crew Lighting: Lighting Design can create suspense and fear on set before the first word is spoken. It can relax the viewer with a sense of warmth and comfort. And it can generate excitement and celebration with the flip of switch! Beautiful set lighting, installed by a master, can convey motion and energy– even when everything on set is completely static! It can be the pulse of a scene, the hurry up, the storm… or the peace and welcome home. The Designer learns to paint light across reflective surfaces, employ shadows to contrast the light, cloud the air to bring textures into the mix: then move it, filter it, diffuse it and shape it further until you fall into a trance… And the effect? Beautiful lighting can be a fountain of youth for stars, erasing years. It can make food look scrumptious and irresistible– or pale, withered and distasteful, like an ex-boyfriend. In short, great lighting is critical for a great production. You may find Mark Carver crafting lighting installations for Olympics Ceremonies in Greece or Celine Dion in Las Vegas; Country Music’s Biggest Award Shows or hundreds of other talk shows, interviews and music events. He won’t say it, so we will: Mark Carver is simply one of the best, and probably one of the nicest guys you may ever meet. Jeffry Gordon often works in a fog… or blistering sun. Or moody shadows in videos with host of artists. Kelsie Ballerini, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Kings of Leon, Paramore, Allison Kraus and many others. Another great team member, Jeffry is masterful at bringing a scene to life with light.

Your Dream Show Crew Glamour: Few performers, actors or artists roll out of bed camera-ready. So many work years to climb the ladder of success in their genre and find they then must get help fending off the ravages of time, once they arrive at a plateau. An expert Glamour department (hair/make-up) can revive, perform magic, rejuvenate and even deceive… Beyond good make-up, a great Make-Up Artist can accentuate the positive, avoid the areas that cameras seem to dwell on, hide little things that stage-lighting exposes and a world of other boosts that would probably be considered fraudulent in the ‘real’ world but are all in a days work for Glamour. Smoother skin, glowing skin, no scars, more scars (!), hiding tattoos, providing temporary makings, make a nose appear smaller (or larger?), and have an opinion on how everything will look under the lights and on camera, where it counts. It’s not real and requires a genuine artist to reveal the best presence on camera that the Host or Star can be. But long before the cameras are focused, a great Make-Up Artist begins the makeover from the inside. She can help the Talent exhale. Clear their head of distractions… or nerves. Then focus. Even practice lines or discuss motivations and ‘how they got here’s.’ This process is empowering to the Talent and irreplaceable to the Producer. A great Make-Up Artist delivers a confident, camera-ready artist to the set in the right frame of mind. Genie Freeman is very good as a Make-Up Artist. Our word for her is ‘legend’ and as a Producer/Director, can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen her weave her magic by putting Talent– even very nervous, experienced Stars– as at ease with her warm country charm. She is an instant friend, as she plies her craft on those in her chair. And the list of those occupying Genie’s Make-Up chair in various productions over the years includes, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, … Cindy Rich has…

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