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Your Dream Show Crew

Your Dream Show Crew Performance & Vocal Coaching: There are ‘natural talents’ and there are skills. It often takes training to hone the skill set needed, in order to display those natural talents and make them look easy. It’s not easy. Even seasoned performers use coaching, to learn the limits of their voices and perhaps push them to new levels. Or explore ways to better engage an audience. Artists love having help with movement on stage, in interviews and in front of cameras. These can require very, very different types of approaches and a great Performance Coach can advise you on the nuance of each. How ‘big’ should gestures be on TV, versus a live stage show? It’s very different! A brilliant Coach watches talent go through a variety of skills (singing and movement) to take stock of their current comfort and ability levels. She will get to know their music selections. And then the real work begins. The coaching is the process of connecting the talent to moves, words– whatever, that can better build communication between the audience and their platform (stage or TV.) She can help discover and perfect natural tendencies already in the performer’s wheelhouse. She can also introduce an arsenal of new performance tools for the artist to lean on, fitting their style. These are designed to bring the song to life. Awareness, movement… And Allison Abbott knows performance. Her Artist Development Agency in Nashville provides life coaching, performance coaching and vocal coaching and has a long list of clients, including Hillary Scott of “Lady Antebellum”, several competitors on “The Voice”, including finalist Lauren Duski and many more. Along with husband/acclaimed director David, Allison operates The Abbott Agency ( and serve many successful artists, attesting to the value of ongoing performance support. Allison began her music career as part of the energetic duo Redmon & Vale on DreamWorks and toured as a background vocalist with Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Natalie Grant, Nichole C Mullen, among many others. For 5 years, Allison was a worship leader for the national women’s conference, “Women Of Faith”. Allison’s deep knowledge of the arts and sweet, sweet personality are the perfect combination to help new performers build confidence in presenting their gifts.

Your Dream Show Crew Wardrobe/Stylist: “Clothes make the man” but a great Wardrobe Stylist makes a production current or timeless, depending on the goal. Dynamic styling allows a viewer to hook into a show at the first glance. They can see a host or talent that looks their best, fitting their surroundings and want to see more. As the talent, you will come to appreciate your wardrobe stylist as a key component of your Dream Show experience. She can look at things you typically wear, in different situations, while factoring in your goals with the show. You will be introduced to concepts and combinations that may stretch you just a bit (maybe literally, as some items could make you appear taller… or thinner… or more interesting or creative or whatever.) It’s illusion using not just fabric and materials, but also the knowledge of lenses and lighting to make sure you appear at your best. You can perform with confidence knowing what you want to accentuate is indeed highlighted, while anything you’d like to stay covered is covered. And you will never worry about stains, sweat, rips, wrinkles, lint or even losing things! Great styling can add or emphasize an energetic performance, or create a serene, dramatic flow. And it will force all eyes on you at the proper times. Like other areas in the Glamour Department, the Stylist’ work before shooting begins will help relax your mind and build confidence for the entire process. TBD

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