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Your Dream Show Crew

Your Dream Show Crew Camera: It may seem that the camera follows the action. Maybe. The camera captures what’s in front of it. It’s the Cameraman that tells the story, but not by following the action. He can anticipate it, lead it, foreshadow what’s around a corner, pull it apart, pull way back to help the viewer get their bearings, change moods by capturing the slyest of smiles from a character, or betray a confident performance with a subtle zoom revealing a nervous tremor in a hand tucked around the back. A great Cameraman will wait patiently, watching the full field, a whole set, his patch of mountains and sky, or the hundred spectators in his section, for just the right moment to harvest the one fantastic reaction when the woman in the fourth row, sixth seat raises her hand to her mouth in a gasp… and then a slow pan right to reveal a large man dabbing a tear from the corner of his eye, hoping no one has seen. The Cameraman helps the viewer step into the production, adding motion and pacing to liven a scene… or stillness and intensity as needed, even in the midst of chaos. A great Cameraman understands how much energy the camera actually steals from a host or actor and can lend some back on the set during production with an upbeat attitude and readiness to capture ‘it’ whenever and wherever ‘it’ should show up during the performance. David Lewis is one of the best. There’s a long list of shows that have benefited from his expertise on camera, including the CMA Awards®, CMT Music Awards®, Cyndi Lauper: Live At The Great Wall of China, Wonderful World of Disney Magical Holiday Celebration®, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, Grand Ole Opry, Nashville®, Ringo Starr and His All- Star Band Live, Dinner Impossible (Food Network), IHeartRadio Music Festival and hundreds more. David’s unsung contribution to a show is his dynamic personality and the ability to keep things fun and relaxed. Valuable gifts during long production days! John Lee has brought celebrities to life through carefully crafted closeups for a couple decades. The CMA Awards®, The Grammys® (including U2 on the Hudson River, by the Statue of Liberty), … John Lee’s sweet spirit provides another calming influence on a set during production and his stories can be as mesmerizing as his dramatic close up camera work!

Your Dream Show Crew Associate Producer: Details, details, details! Productions have many moving parts that must mesh synchronously to be successful. Creating and chasing the pieces may seem like a task as simple as having a list and checking it off. Far from it! The art of being an amazing Associate Producer requires a palette of skills that appear to live in contrast: A personality that allows enjoyable interactions with a wide variety of people and crew members, but can drop the hammer when deadlines approach; A flair for the creative, but an eye for logistics; The ability to see the big picture, but an eye for detail; A gift for watching budgets closely, but spending as needed for the final product. Quite often the AP will oversee details of travel and all logistics relating to the scheduling and comfort of the talent and crew. With many moving parts, this chess game can be daunting for all but the most experienced, as things shift. Weather changes. People get sick. Flights delayed. Moves must be made on the fly to accommodate all contingencies to set the stage for a brilliant production. And securing the catering needs, craft service presentation, coordinating deliveries to set to limit noise… all make this position one of the most critical elements on the way to a memorable, frictionless production! Sarah Foster is simply the finest. Her capacity to arrange and manage hundreds of logistics during a production is outweighed only by her delightful demeanor. Sarah’s years of experience with the CMA Awards®, the ACM Awards®, the Academy of Motion Pictures® Red Carpet Ceremony, and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve® among many others, have allowed her to confront and manage the most unique situations you can imagine. Whether working with Snoop Dogg, Dolly Parton, Niall Horan or Tony Bennett, Sarah can create and manage the details needed to keep everything swimming along. As great as she is at putting an artist at ease, Sarah’s greatest gift is to the Producer on her team. By being so wonderfully proficient at her job, a Producer is free to be even better at theirs. And that makes for the best production possible!

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