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Your Dream Show Crew

Your Dream Show Crew Tiffany Long’s work in producing commercial photography, in the record label business and in film production gives her a detailed understanding of what it takes for everyone to accomplish their goals with a creative project. This has served her well over the last 10 years where her focus has been on marketing campaigns, managing Advertising & Materials, Strategic Partnerships or serving as Chief of Operations for the films I Can Only Imagine, Facing The Giants, Blue Like Jazz, Moms' Night Out, Heaven Is For Real, When The Game Stands Tall, 90 Minutes In Heaven, Woodlawn, Risen, The Star, and more. Some of her clients include Sony Affirm, Provident Films and WTA.

Your Dream Show Crew Music and Audio: The theme song for a production sets the tone for the viewer: It can put them on edge; set them ease; build excitement and anticipation; or deliver the backstory to help the viewer embrace the performer as the show starts. Now imagine a theme song written for you. Imagine a song written about you! Now, imagine a theme song for Your Dream Show, written about you by a Grammy® Song of the Year Winning writer! Gordon Kennedy is a master craftsman at songwriting. Change The World, the Grammy® Song of the Year winner he co-wrote, recorded by Eric Clapton is the pinnacle, but certainly not the only lightning strike in his career. Eleven of Gordon’s songs have been recorded by Garth Brooks, as well as the last five radio hits by Bonnie Raitt; Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, and Wynonna have all recorded his work and his compositions have been heard in the film soundtracks of Tin Cup, For Love of the Game, Where the Heart Is, Almost Famous, Summer Catch, Someone Like You, The Banger Sisters, Phenomenon and others. Kennedy produced the Ricky Skaggs Mosaic album recently and received a Grammy as co-producer for Best Pop Instrumental Album on Peter Frampton's Fingerprints album. But great music won’t matter if it isn’t mixed well, along with the rest of your show. Whatever you choose as your theme– singing with a Big Band, competing in a Survivor-type show, breaking some eggs in a Cooking show– all have sound design as a critical component needed to bring the to life. Michael Davis and his studio, Digital Audio Post, has been involved in audio post production for decades. Michael is a master at capturing and mixing live sound during a performance and crafting the sound design during audio post production. He can bring a show to life, as he has done on the CMA Awards, the Dove Awards…

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