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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration “Christmas, just isn’t what it used to be.” You hear that refrain almost everywhere you go. While our memories may be more powerful than our reality, there is little question what was once viewed as, “the Holiday Season” is now often reduced to a day or two of celebration. As much in life, the Christmas Season has been consolidated, confined, and condensed to fit into our schedule. Festive gatherings are redefined as obligations. Reflective times with friends and family become viewed as intrusions. Shopping, once the hunt for the “perfect gift,” is now replaced by online clicks with the goal of quickly checking off everyone on the list. Shopping has become an accomplishment, instead of an exploration. Gone are the times when the Holidays meant: A wave and a nod to a stranger. Catching up with a neighbor. A memory with a child. Our goal is to change all that. Our vision is for a Hallmark inspired Holiday Season when our community will flock to Main Street in Laurinburg to enjoy the arts, quality entertainment, good restaurants, and a positive shopping experience; but most of all, the company of each other. Christmas lights, music, beautifully decorated trees and seasonal oriented events will rekindle memories and nostalgia of bygone times. But our purpose is not to simply recreate a setting, but to reconnect a community, and rediscover a moment in our hearts and souls. It is an opportunity to embrace the holiday and recapture a season. Tis the Season is a time to: Recapture the spirit of Christmas. Gather together. Reconnect. Reach-out and remember those that cannot join us. Create experiences that will bond your family together and create a larger quilt of memories that will warm our community.

Our Vision To Recapture the Spirit of Christmas Main Street Storefront Greenery and Lights Festival of Christmas Trees Main Street Inside Window Displays Live Nativity Videos of “Special Christmas Memories” To Gather Together and Reconnect Food Vendors Holiday Concert Series Christmas Music/Chorales Santa Letter Writing Cookie Decorating Christmas Tree Decorating Community Tree Lighting Ceremony Videos and Music Snow-making Ice Skating Rink To Reach-out and Remember Those That Can Not Join Us “Laurinburg Cam” Service Men/Women Videos Skype (as able) Create experiences that will bond your family together and create a larger quilt of memories that will warm our community.

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