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Talk a Lot

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Phonetic Words in Normal English Spelling This is a list of words from the dictionary which are spelled the same in both the normal Roman alphabet and the Clear Alphabet. These words are easy to pronounce because they look like they sound. They are generally one-syllable words: adverb A dverb advert A dvert am Am an An and And ant Ant arm Arm artist Ar tist at At bad Bad bag Bag ban Ban bat Bat bed Bed bedroom Be droom bee Bee beef Beef been Been beg Beg belt Belt bench Bench best Best big Big boy Boy bring Bring British Bri tish bus Bus but But chat Chat cheek Cheek chest Chest chin Chin dad Dad deep Deep dentist Den tist did Did dog Dog drip Drip drum Drum end End far Far farm Farm fat Fat feet Feet film Film finish Fi nish fish Fish fit flat flop fog food for form free frog from get get in get on God golf got green greet groom gun had hand hard hat help her him hit if in inch inform job jump just keep king left leg lend lift lip long lot lunch lung man Fit Flat Flop Fog Food For Form Free Frog From Get Ge Tin Ge Ton God Golf Got Green Greet Groom Gun Had Hand Hard Hat Help Her Him Hit If In Inch in Form Job Jump Just Keep King Left Leg Lend Lift Lip Long Lot Lunch Lung Man map Map mark Mark meat Meet men Men mist Mist moon Moon much Much mum Mum must Must need Need nut Nut on On or Or pig Pig plan Plan plot Plot pop Pop pop star Po pstar port Port print Print ran Ran rash Rash rent Rent rest Rest rich Rich ring Ring risk Risk room Room run Run sad Sad sand Sand see See self Self send Send set Set sheep Sheep ship Ship shop Shop short Short shut Shut sing Sing sit Sit skin Skin sleep Sleep sleet Sleet slim Slim slip Slip soft Soft soon Soon sort Sort spend Spend spin Spin spring Spring stand Stand star Star starfish Star fish start Start step Step stop Stop storm Storm street Street string String strong Strong such Such sun Sun sunset Sun set suntan Sun tan swim Swim ten Ten tent Tent test Test than Than that That their Their them Them then Then too Too top Top transfer Tran sfer up Up van Van verb Verb vest Vest week Week went Went west West wet Wet wind Wind wish Wish with With yet Yet York York zip Zip For more fun worksheets, games, and quizzes log onto now! Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 159

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary 100 Sets of Common Homophones Homophones are words that have exactly the same sounds, but different spellings and meanings. In the Clear Alphabet there are no homophones, because spellings and sounds always match. uh Laud Arnt Beir Bloo Bord Breik Bai Siy riyl Cheep Chek Chooz Kaun sl Kyoo Diy Joo Dai Deu Eit Feet fi Yon sei Faind Flor Flauw Greit Greun Heir Hart Hiyl Hiy Herd Hai Heul Ai dl Aiyl In I_s Jeenz Kee Led Leest Lait Leun Meid Meil Meet Maind Mist Mor ning Mu sl Nei vl aloud, allowed aunt, aren’t bear, bare blue, blew bored, board break, brake buy, by, bye cereal, serial cheap, cheep check, cheque choose, chews council, counsel cue, queue deer, dear dew, due die, dye dough, doe eight, ate feet, feat fiancé, fiancée find, fined floor, flaw flower, flour great, grate grown, groan hair, hare hart, heart heal, heel, he’ll hear, here heard, herd high, hi hole, whole idle, idol I’ll, aisle in, inn it’s, its jeans, genes key, quay lead, led least, leased light, lite loan, lone made, maid male, mail meet, meat mind, mined missed, mist morning, mourning muscle, mussel naval, navel Nyoo Neu Nun Neuz Not Wun Or Auw Pei shns Peek Peir Pai Pees Piy Plein Por Pra ktis Prei Rein Reiz Ror Reed Red Rait Reud Reuz Seil Sor See Sel Sent Steir Sun Teil Tee Their Taid Too Weit Worn We th Week Wiyl Weil Weir Wail Wuud Rait Yoo Yor new, knew no, know none, nun nose, knows not, knot one, won or, oar, ore our, hour patience, patients peak, peek pear, pair pie, pi piece, peace pier, peer plane, plain poor, pour practice, practise pray, prey rain, reign raise, rays, raze raw, roar read, reed red, read right, write road, rode, rowed rose, rows sale, sail saw, sore see, sea sell, cell sent, scent, cent stair, stare sun, son tail, tale tea, tee there, they’re, their tide, tied two, too wait, weight warn, worn weather, whether week, weak we’ll, wheel, weal whale, wail where, wear while, wile wood, would write, right you, yew your, you’re Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 160

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