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Talk a Lot

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Minimal Pairs A minimal pair is a pair of words that have the same sounds apart from one sound. This is a list of minimal pairs from this dictionary. Notice that they are mostly one-syllable words. Can you think of any more minimal pairs? Same consonant sound(s), one different vowel sound: Same vowel sound(s), one different consonant sound: rain raise Rein Reiz cheers Chiyz cheese Cheez cheap cheek Cheep Cheek receipt r Seet receive r Seev course Kors curse Kers close Kleuz clothes Kleuthz refuse refute r Fyooz r Fyoot fail fall Feil Forl gate gave Geit Geiv rice right Rais Rait far fare Far Feir hobby Ho bii hockey Ho kii shake shape Sheik Sheip hat hate Hat Heit large laugh Larj Larf side sign Said Sain heart heat Hart Heet light like Lait Laik slim slip Slim Slip her here Her Hiy made make Meid Meik some son Sum Sun nice niece Nais Nees might mile Mait Mail tail take Teil Teik nine none Nain Nun mouse Maus mouth Mautt teach team Teech Teem plain plan Plein Plan nail name Neil Neim verb verse Verb Vers smell smile Smel Smail nice night Nais Nait walk warn Work Worn spin spine Spin Spain north Nortt nought Nort wash watch Wosh Woch start state Start Steit page pain Peij Pein yes yet Yes Yet through Ttroo throw Ttreu to toe Too Teu place Pleis plain Plein rabbit Ra bit racquet Ra kit My minimal pairs: ______________________ ______________________ For more fun worksheets, games, and quizzes log onto now! Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 161

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Silent Letters Here are some good examples of items in the dictionary which have silent letters. The Clear Alphabet ignores letters which are not pronounced. Silent letters often occur because the vowel letters in unstressed syllables are converted into schwa sounds when we pronounce them; or when double letters represent one consonant sound, e.g. “ff” for f , and so on. Note: reading this list out loud is a good way of testing students’ understanding of the use of the schwa sound in English pronunciation: Normal Spelling: CA Spelling: Silent Letter(s) (in spelling but not pronounced): autumn Or tm _______________________________________ build Bild _______________________________________ butter Bu t _______________________________________ candidate Kan d dt _______________________________________ cinema Si n m _______________________________________ criminal Kri m nl _______________________________________ customer Ku st m _______________________________________ debt Det _______________________________________ differ Di f _______________________________________ elephant E l fnt _______________________________________ escalator E sk lei t _______________________________________ giraffe j Rarf _______________________________________ gorilla g Ri l _______________________________________ guess Ges _______________________________________ illness Il ns _______________________________________ indicator In d kei t _______________________________________ knee Nee _______________________________________ manager Ma n j _______________________________________ mechanic m Ka nik _______________________________________ menopause Me n porz _______________________________________ minute Mi nit _______________________________________ muscle Mu sl _______________________________________ negative Ne g tiv _______________________________________ Norwich No rich _______________________________________ often O fn _______________________________________ orchestra Or k str _______________________________________ possible Po s bl _______________________________________ sausage So sij _______________________________________ school Skool _______________________________________ separation se p Rei shn _______________________________________ skeleton Ske l tn _______________________________________ sledge Slej _______________________________________ solicitor s Li s t _______________________________________ suggest s Jest _______________________________________ supporter s Por t _______________________________________ syllable Si l bl _______________________________________ terminal Ter m nl _______________________________________ thermometer tt Mo m t _______________________________________ together t Ge th _______________________________________ weather We th _______________________________________ what Wot _______________________________________ whatever wo Te v _______________________________________ whenever we Ne v _______________________________________ wrist Rist _______________________________________ wrong Rong _______________________________________ young Yung _______________________________________ Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 162

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