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Talk a Lot

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Longer Phrases Here are some phrases that had to be cut from the main dictionary because they were too long! antisocial behaviour bed and breakfast breakdown recovery service checkout assistant communication skills community centre community service complimentary newspaper connected speech consonant cluster consonant sound continental breakfast curriculum vitae [CV] duck-billed platypus embedded schwa sound employment history excess baggage exclamation mark express an emotion express an opinion express likes/dislikes final consonant linking (FCL) friendly consonant sound further education future continuous future perfect continuous great white shark high expectations how are you doing? interactive content neighbourhood watch scheme newspaper reporter painter and decorator past perfect continuous personal subject pronoun possessive determiner present continuous present perfect continuous recruitment agency semi-detached house standard pronunciation stress-timed language suspended sentence Sydney Opera House thunder and lightning catering assistant second conditional self-improvement windscreen wipers washing machine an ti seu shl b Hei vy be dn Bre kfst brei kdaun r Ku v rii ser vis Che kau t si stnt k myoo n Kei shn skilz k Myoo n tii sen t k myoo n tii Ser vis kom pl men trii Nyoo spei p k ne kt Tspeech Kon s nnt klu st Kon s nnt saund kon t nen tl Bre kfst ku ri ky lm Vee tai [See Vee] du kbil Tpla t puus uhm be d Tshwar saund uhm Ploy mn_ hi st rii e kse Spa gij e kskl Mei shn mark e kspre s n Meu shn e kspre s n Pin yn e kspre Slaikz/Di slaikz fai nl kon s nn_ Ling king (e fsii Yel) fren dlii Kon s nn_ saund fer th re j Kei shn fyoo ch kn Tin y ws fyoo ch per fe_ kn Tin y ws grei_ wai_ Shark hai ye kspe Ktei shnz ha w y Doo wing? in t ra kti Fkon tent nei b huu Two chskeem Nyoo spei p r por t pein t rn De k rei t par sper fe_ kn Tin y ws per s nl Su bje kpreu naun p ze siv d Ter mi n pre zn_ kn Tin y ws pre zn_ per fe_ kn Tin y ws r Kroo_ mn tei jn sii se mii d ta Chthaus stan d tpr nun sii Yei shn stre staim Tlang gwij su spen d Tsen tns si dnii Yo pr haus ttun d rn Tlai_ ning Kei t ring uh si stnt se kn tkn Di shnl sel fim Proo vmnt Win tskreen wai pz Wo shing m sheen Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 167

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Words that Look Confusing in the Clear Alphabet It’s difficult to understand a word in the Clear Alphabet when it looks like a word written in normal spelling. Here are some examples of words in the Clear Alphabet that look like normal English words. This can happen when a syllable with a single phoneme is represented by one letter, e.g. O f = “offer”, but looks like the word “of”. It is especially true of items that have embedded schwa sounds – which are not shown in the Clear Alphabet. It also often occurs with diphthongs such as ai and ei and long vowel sounds, e.g. eir and or . If you are working with the Clear Alphabet, you need to learn to think differently – in sounds and syllables rather than letters and words. Can you find any more examples like the ones below? Normal Spelling: CA Spelling: Other English word that it looks like: cider Sai d said reader Ree d reed farmer Far m farm summer Su m sum jumper Jum p jump slipper Sli p slip letter Le t let matter Ma t mat porter Por t port figure Fi g fig offer O f of pasta Pa st past winner Wi n win line Lain lain mile Mail mail pint Paint paint ride Raid raid side Said said while Wail wail white Wait wait wine Wain wain nail Neil Neil nothing Nu tting nutting since Sins sins suit Soot soot pence Pens pens tense Tens tens walk Work work ward Word word warm Worm worm wear Weir weir Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 168

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