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Talk a Lot

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Words that Look Confusing in the Clear Alphabet The following Clear Alphabet spellings of words from the dictionary all look similar to or have elements of other words with normal spellings: Normal Spelling: CA Spelling: Other English word that it looks like: beside b Said said climb Klaim claim egg Eg e.g. fight Fait fate lake Leik like liver Li v live loud Laud laud main Mein mein – German for “my” mineral water Min rl wor t wort mobile Meu bail bail next to Ne kst next performer p For m perform/form pizza Pee_ ts Pete's singular form Sing gy l form gy looks like it should be soft, like the suffix solicitor s Li s t list spider Spai d paid stretcher Stre ch stretch sunbathing Sun bei thing thing super Soo p soup supporter s Por t port/support teacher Tee ch teach toward t Word word trainer Trei n train turbulence Ter by lns by Twitter Twi t twit voter Veu t vote waiter Wei t wait walkabout Wor k baut work water Wor t wort Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 169

Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Problem Sound Connections – when Clear Alphabet Looks Awkward! There are a few occasions when we need to stop and think twice about how to represent sounds using the Clear Alphabet. Here are a few examples of words and phrases like that in the dictionary. Problems can often occur thanks to difficult-to-pronounce cc sound connections, e.g. a hard (voiced) d sound meets an equally hard (voiced) k in the middle of “childcare” – and d loses! We have to move it forward and change it to the softer (unvoiced) t : Chail tkeir . This also gives us examples of assimilation – a sound changes to make the sound connection easier – e.g. in the above case d changes to t . Can you find/think of any more items in each category? 1. Issues with cc sound connections: a) hard (voiced) d changes to soft (unvoiced) t childcare childhood classified advert goldfish hardback head for midwife podcast road sign Sherwood Forest sidekick surround sound third conditional United Kingdom United Nations widescreen wind farm windscreen word stress Chail tkeir Chail thuud kla s fai Ta tvert Geul tfish Har tbak He Tfor Mi twaif Po tkarst Reu tsain sher w Tfo rist Sai tkik s raun Tsaund thir tkn Di shnl yoo nai t Tking dm yoo nai t Tnei shnz Wai tskreen Win tfarm Win tskreen Wer tstres b) v (voiced) changes to f (unvoiced) give back have pierced of course Gi Fbak ha Fpiyst uh Fkors c) g (voiced) changes to k (unvoiced) drug trafficking Dru ktra f king d) b (voiced) changes to p (unvoiced) object subtitles web server webcam O pjekt Su ptai tlz We_ pser v We_ pkam Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 170

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