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Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary Practice Worksheets – Instructions Here are a few practice worksheets for learning the Clear Alphabet, with the topics “Countries”, “Leisure Activities”, and “Famous People”. They are graded in difficulty, so translating from the Clear Alphabet is the easiest activity, translating into the Clear Alphabet (using the Clear Alphabet chart) is a little harder, and the hardest is identifying words from mixed-up Clear Alphabet syllables. I didn’t want to write pages and pages of practice material because my aim is to encourage you to create your own activities using vocabulary that is most relevant to you – to develop self-sufficiency rather than dependence on professional writers. Students could practise translation activities of this kind with any set of vocabulary words. Tips: • Some of the Clear Alphabet spellings are easier to recognise than others, because they are already fairly phonetic in the normal spelling, e.g. Wo ching Tee Vee = watching TV You could adjust this kind of activity to the students’ level, including more easier Clear Alphabet spellings for lower levels, and fewer for higher levels • Get SS to identify and sound out all of the different sounds (phonemes) in a syllable loudly and put stress on stressed syllables • Get SS to extend the word or phrase into a short single clause sentence, e.g. Plei ying Golf becomes: ai Lai Kplei ying Golf. • Cut up syllables from several words and mix them up. SS have to identify the 4, 5, 6, etc. different words, which could all be on the same topic • Make a gap-fill activity with items which have one or more syllables missing, e.g. E kw ______ (dor – Ecuador) • Match Clear Alphabet spellings to one-sentence clues, e.g. “A warm European country with a long Atlantic coastline which is good at football.” = Por ch gl • ...or use any of the activities in the List of Activities from p.47 Here are some more examples of countries with the Clear Alphabet: Macedonia New Zealand Lithuania Bangladesh Northern Ireland Cameroon Guatemala Antarctica ma s Deu niy Nyoo Zee lnd li tt Wei niy bang gl Desh nor th Naiy lnd ka m Roon gwo t Mar l an Tar kti k For more fun worksheets, games, and quizzes log onto now! Talk a Lot Clear Alphabet Dictionary English 174

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