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Villa Chardonnay Horses

Villa Chardonnay Horses With Wings, Inc. 2017 was an exciting year of growth and expansion for Villa Chardonnay. We successfully expanded and moved the sanctuary to their forever home to a location 6 times the size of our previous sanctuary. The new location is over 31 acres and has all the amenities needed for a complete sanctuary. Several stall barns, mare motels, paddocks, laboratory and a quarantine barn. Completely fenced pastures and more importantly plenty of room for all the horses, donkeys and goats! And a big cattery. Not only did we grow in space size, but also from an awareness standpoint. We received donations from foundations that support sanctuaries - not only rescues and for that we are most thankful. Sanctuaries have a tough time to make some organizations and public in general understand that we don’t get funding for adopting out animals and big organizations doesn’t want to support sanctuaries focusing only on rescues that adopt them out, but what happens with the elderly and sick ones? Nobody wants them! That’s why we are a sanctuary! Our message of hope and survival for the animals was spread to more people than ever before. Villa Chardonnay continues to be the largest equine and animal sanctuary in Southern California as we continue to care for more than 300 animals each and every day. Monika Kerber Founder/President Caring for special needs animals has its own set of challenges. As our horses age they develop more complex health issues. Our aging population requires greater maintenance and monitoring. We have implemented a wellness program that has virtually eliminated colic from horses. An astounding accomplishment as colic is the single most cause of death for any horse in the United Estates. Donations have increased for the past seven years in a row! However the timing of donations is still erratic creating highs and lows during the year. Monthly sponsorships and grants from foundations are our main goals of the year as well as raising 1.2 M to pay the remnant balance of the current property that is the legacy for all the permanent residents of Villa Chardonnay. The New Villa-Legacy for hundreds 2017 Annual Report 2

Villa Chardonnay Horses With Wings, Inc. Villa Chardonnay Budgets 2017 - 2018 2017 Expenses $ 1,004,506.00 2018 Projected Annual Expenses $ 2,211,954.00 Improvements Planned & Needs for 2018 ! • 1.2 M to pay the remnant balance of the property by September 2018. This is the legacy for Villa Chardonnay Sanctuary. • We need to build 80 more stalls (shedrow barns) in the upper pastures (on 4 acres ea. pasture) for the outdoor horses by giving them a better quality of life eating and sleeping in stalls and exercising outdoors during the day. • This will allow also the sicker and older horses to rest if needed in their own stalls without being alienated from their herd. • The creation of “The Royal Horses Sanctorum Sanctuary Foundation” to bring funding for Villa Chardonnay and to help other sanctuaries in need since a lot of the big organizations like the ASPCA and THE HUMANE SOCIETY are not funding sanctuaries anymore but helping rescues only where animals are rehomed. The intention of TRHSSF is to help find funding for Sanctuaries for horses, dogs and cats like Villa Chardonnay. 2017 Annual Report 3