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April'18 Chapter Chatter

- 6- Seriously .... we

- 6- Seriously .... we NEED YOUR HELP to manage this relocation. Please consider dropping in for an hour or so anytime this weekend to help. You WILL be put to work. OPERATION SCHOOL BELL "SPRING Distribution for G.I.S.D." Good Morning Ladies! I was just visited by the happiest little girl I have ever seen!! She wanted to come show me her new outfit she was able to get at Walmart this weekend! She has on hot pink skirt and shirt and new rainbow socks! She has the biggest smile on her face and was telling the whole office about her outfit and how she has an orange one and a purple one just like it. She also got two dresses, more socks and shoes! She described them ALL in detail and how she was going to wear them, etc. She has tomorrow's outfit picked out already... her orange tutu skirt/shorts thing, new shirt w/butterflies and some unicorn socks! She was just beaming! This totally made my day! Her teacher sent her up here because she has been telling everyone all morning and wanted to share it with me! I thought I would pass this along to you all! I hope it warms your hearts like it did mine. She says her mom thinks she is a "fashionista" now! :) Pickett Pioneers Appreciate you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirley Comacho, Counselor, Pickett Elementary School This warmed my heart! I remember this little girl and her mom. As I was unloading clothing from their cart I saw the 3 “ tutus”. I asked, “ Do you wear these to school?” The answer was, “ Oh yes! They have shorts attached to them!” She was so excited! We just smiled and passed them on to the cashier. Sounds like she was the talk of the school the next day! Let’s continue to put smiles on their faces! Jean Persilver

- 7 - I T ' S T H A T T I M E A G A I N ! ! Renewal membership applications will be available at the chapter meeting, Monday, April 16. The forms are entitled: MEMBER INFORMATION AND DUES RENEWAL FORM (March 2018) and will be on each table and forms will also be at the table where credit card payments can be made. Please attach your check, payable to ALGA in the amount of $60, to your completed and signed form and leave on your table. The membership committee will collect your form and check. YOUR CHECK CANNOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THE COMPLETED AND SIGNED FORM. Thanks for your cooperation. Renewal membership dues are considered delinquent after May 31. Pat Holland, VP Membership YOU WILL SOON BE ASKED TO SIGN UP FOR VARIOUS COMMITTEES YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN SERVING ON. Let us know of your specific interest and skills. Each committee chair will identify the number of people necessary to effectively operate their commitee. Everyone will be assigned to at least one of their choices in committees. Please ... Review the long list of opportunities in your Yearbook. Our upcoming GOLF EVENT is just around the corner and the "Awesome Team" is ready to kick things off; however, we still need your help to come forward with some GOLFERS ! By increasing the number of players we will be able to reach our obligated goal. WE NEED & WANT YOUR SUPPORT TO PUT ASSISTANCE LEAGUE ON THE MAP! Remember, we are asking you to help cloth those less fortunate. Thank You. Prepare to VOTE for that special member to receive either the Ada Edwards Laughlin or the Ruth Kleinsmith Service Awards $10.00 Make Your reservation for the May 21st catered luncheon meeting. Last meeting of this fiscal year...installation of officers and presentation of scholarships. Janice Hallisey, Chair Golf Tourney Fundraiser HELP!! We NEED GOLFERS ... Please promote this event with your neighbors. We will need volunteers to 'locate' balls on the course. Please sign up to help. We need members to help us find donated items for appox. 120 'goody bags' for the golfers. Library/ALGA Fundraiser $50/ea May 19th Get your tickets at the April 16th Mtg.

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