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April'18 Chapter Chatter

- 16 - Marketing

- 16 - Marketing Committee Members (LtoR) Karen Marshall, Trudy Rivera and Ann Smith attended the Chamber Networking Lunch on Tuesday, 4/10 at the Chamber of Commerce location. There were over a 150 members there and did some great networking. Our heartfelt appreciation to all our sponsors, donors and golfers who have given so generously to help us continue our work to serve the community. Please patronize our sponsors and thank them for their generosity. JOANNE & BILL HARRAH April 23rd 7:00am Berry Creek Country 1st Assistance League of Georgetown Area F O U R P E R S O N S C R A M B L E SHERATON HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER

- 17 - T A L K I N ' S H O P Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the shop making our March receipts over $28,222. Thrift Shop Work Calendar: HELP...RELOCATION But now I implore every member to contribute to our move. We need you to help with the actual move this coming weekend.(not picking up heavy stuff). Please check the list on page 3 of the Chatter to see who the 'lead' person is in each department. We will need help with 'setup' so that we can open on Tuesday, April 17th. The more 'hands' we have, the easier this job will be. Even just an hour of your time will make a big difference. This is so exciting! Hard to believe...but I'm so anxious to see the new Shop that I'm SPEECHLESS! Carol Palmer, Thrift Shop Manager Notice Anything Different?

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