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SHUTTER CONSTRUCTION LOUVRE SIZE Standard louvre or blade sizes are 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. OPUS utilises solid polymer louvres that are co-extruded with aluminium inserts on all widths. ENCORE louvres are hollow aluminium with a 0.8mm wall thickness for internal and 1.4mm for external. OPUS Polymer 64mm 89mm 114mm ENCORE Inside 89mm ENCORE Outside 89mm 114mm TILT ROD Traditional tilt rod can be centred or offset, however the most common is hidden or clearview. This metal tilt rod is located at the rear of each panel on the same side as the hinge. Traditional and offset only available on OPUS. ENCORE Outside can be supplied with optional dual tilt rod. 10

SPLIT TILT Louvre rotations are split into multiple rotations, or tilts, to provide better closure, privacy and light control. Panels over 1000mm in height will be manufactured with a split tilt by default, or you can specify your preferred split tilt location. It is important to note that rotations greater than 1000mm high on a single rotation WILL NOT have maximum closure and have more light seepage. This is particularly prevalent with polymer shutters and a normal feature, so it is highly recommended to utilise split tilts. • 50/50 - a split halfway • 50/50 CAM - split halfway above the divider rail • 50/50 CBM - split halfway below the divider rail • Custom splits - measure from bottom of window to required location STILES The vertical strips either side of a shutter panel can be square, astragal or rebate to control light gaps where panels meet. Square / Butt Stiles D Mould / Astragal Stiles Rabbet Stiles BUTT / SQUARE STILE OPUS Beaded Butt Stile 27mm 50.8mm ENCORE Inside Flat Butt Stile 27mm 50.8mm ENCORE Outside Beaded Butt Stile 29mm 60mm 11

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