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TOP & BOTTOM RAILS The size of horizontal top and bottom rails will vary depending on the height of the panel, the number of louvres and the location of any divider rails in accordance with factory specifications. Factory specifications allow for the same size top and bottom rail on a panel, anywhere between 90mm and 162mm. The top rail size may differ from the bottom rail size on panels ordered with a critical divider rail. This is unavoidable. OPUS rails come in four sizes and are cut in height to accommodate critical divider rails. ENCORE Inside has three rail sizes that cannot be cut to accommodate critical divider, so the divider rail may vary by up to 40mm. ENCORE Outside rails consist of two sections that can be adjusted to accommodate divider rails. The horizontal join is visible and a feature of the shutter. Orders will not be accepted with requests for rail sizes smaller than 80mm, regardless of warranty waiver. This is due to smaller rails not allowing for metal inserts which compromises the strength of the panel. OPUS Euro Close (Two way close) 90mm – 140mm ENCORE Inside Standard Close (One way close) 90mm 106mm 122mm ENCORE Outside Euro Close (Two way close) 50mm – 162mm 14

MOUNTING TYPES HINGED PANELS The most common choice for windows, panels are hinged within shutter frame and installed inside the window or on the face, or hinged directly to the window frame using hanging strip. Standard non-mortise hinges are used for this method and are colour matched to the shutters. Wider windows can be broken into multiple panel layouts using T posts. Panel widths must be kept within recommended specifications due to the weight on the hinges. When installing wide panels, it is recommended you assist and lift panels into frames. BIFOLD HINGED PANELS Two panels are hinged together to bifold in the window without the use of top or bottom tracking. Commonly used in smaller windows where clearance is required over kitchen or bathroom taps. A maximum of two panels hinged together applies and panel widths are limited due to the weight of two panels on one set of hinges. Frame is used in the same way as standard hinged panels. FIXED PANELS Panels can be fixed into place to accommodate taps or household fixtures that may impede the use of hinged panels, or between rooms as a divider. Top and bottom U channel allows for removable panels, while light block all four sides front and rear fixes panels into place so that louvres open and close but panels remain permanently in place. TRACK BIFOLD PANELS Multiple panels are hinged together and connected to a top and bottom tracking system using wheel carriers and bottom guides. A box out board system is optional, however this is useful to block light gaps. Tracks are attached to the headboard and a fascia is supplied to cover conceal tracking and hardware. BYPASS PANELS Sliding panels are connected to a top and bottom track using wheel carriers and bottom guides. The ideal layout over doorways. A box out board system is optional, however this is useful to block light gaps. Tracks are attached to the headboard and a fascia is supplied to cover conceal tracking and hardware. 15

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