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TRACK BYPASS – Example Layouts 2P: R-F 2P: F-R 3P: F-M-R 4P: R-F-F-R 4P: 2F-2R 4P: 2R-2F 8P: 2R-2F-2F-2R 34

HARDWARE & OPTIONS Track Bypass Box out board OPUS boards are made of two pieces of polymer extrusion with a join, ENCORE is 3mm thick, ribbed aluminium. Boards are optional for all sides. OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Bypass Close 19mm Bypass Close 28mm Bypass Close 28mm 140mm 150mm 150mm Bypass Open Bypass Open 115mm Bypass Open 190mm 190mm 190mm Fascia & Returns Supplied as standard for all bypass plus returns for outside mount, OPUS fascia is polymer extrusion, whilst ENCORE is 3mm thick aluminium extrusion. Inside Mount 140mm Outside Mount 140mm 19mm 19mm Inside Mount 50mm Outside Mount 150mm Inside Mount 50mm Outside Mount 150mm Headboard Support Headboard bracket or angle is supplied as standard and attached above header board as extra support on outside mount installations. 180mm 40mm x 40mm 40mm x 40mm Top Track Clear anodised tracks are supplied attached to headboard for OPUS and ENCORE Inside, and loose for ENCORE Outside. 27mm 27mm 27mm 27mm 39mm 31mm Bottom Track Clear anodised tracks are supplied loose and taped to floor or bottom board with supplied high tack double sided tape. Recessed U track supplied by default for OPUS unless specified other. Wheel Carrier 14.6mm mm 24mm 23.3mm m 8.6mm 7mm 19mm 11mm 30mm 12mm High quality wheel carriers run in the top track and connect each panel at the top plate. 35

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