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OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Spring Loaded Guide Pre-fitted to the bottom of each panel, the spring loaded bottom guide assists panels as they run in the bottom track. Flush Bolts An optional extra, flush bolts are used to lock panels into place in the bottom track. Rebated into the bottom of the stile only. Silver only. Not available Hidden Drop Bolt An optional extra, drop bolts come with a star shaped key and the bolt is concealed within the stile. A small hole is drilled in the stile to insert the key. Perfect for coloured shutters. Not available Keyed Locks An optional extra, the keyed lock bolt is double ended, locking top & bottom. Locks cannot be keyed alike for multiple locks, you will need a locksmith to do this after. Not available Louvre Locks Louvre locks allow louvres to be secured in place at the fully closed and / or 40º position. More control in weather conditions or for the safety conscious. Not available 36

MEASURING GUIDELINES Shutters do not allow for measuring errors so to ensure proper installation it is important exact measurements are obtained. The most common issue when things go wrong is the failure to obtain exact measurements. A good quality tape measure is a must. If you prefer to use a laser measuring tool, please note that with anything electronic, you get what you pay for. A high quality laser may be a large initial investment however just one mismeasure with a cheap laser could actually cost you more to rectify. It is advisable to always measure the window before discussing frame options, as you may find very out of square windows require a Z frame. Frame types are a discussion point after taking your initial measurement. NOTE: • All measurements must always be supplied in millimetres (mm) • Window size refers to your gross opening size – the factory will take a deduction • Finish size refers to your actual make size – the factory will not take a deduction INSIDE MOUNT Recess / reveal mount L frames, Z frames, fixed panel and track shutter layouts are all suitable for inside mount. The depth of the reveal in which the shutter is mounted must be considered for frame options to ensure there is enough clearance for the rotation of the louvres. Window mullions, window locks etc may impede the operation. LOUVRE SIZE 63mm 89mm 114mm CLEARANCE CHART MINIMUM RECESS DEPTH 55mm 67mm 80mm 1. Measure the recess depth 2. Measure the diagonal to check for squareness. If the diagonal sizes vary by more than 10mm, an outside mount is preferable 3. Measure inside width in at least 3 places (top, centre and bottom) 4. Provide the smallest width size as window size, do NOT take a deduction 5. Measure inside height in at least 3 places (left, centre and right) 6. Provide the smallest height size as window size, do NOT take a deduction 7. If a divider rail is required, measure from the inside bottom to the centre of the required divider rail location. Remember rails could vary up to 40mm if not specified critical. 8. If a T post is required, measure from the inside left to the centre of the T post location 9. For multiple T posts, measure from inside left to the centre of each following post location 10. If corner or bay posts are required, measure the total width of the entire window according to point 3, then measure from inside left to the centre of each post location 37

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