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FRAMED SHUTTER INSTALLATION 1. Frames will be labelled as left (L), top (T), right (R) and bottom (B). 2. Lay the frames face up on your protected workspace, following labels clockwise. 3. Mitres on frame corners are joined using a nylon key (Hoffman Key) for OPUS, and metal brackets for ENCORE to hold the frame together to maintain squareness. Push each frame piece together halfway on each key until mitres are neat then push until the Hoffman keys are flush with back of frames, or push frames together on metal brackets for ENCORE. OPUS FRAME MITRES The maximum frame or board length supplied is 3657mm. Anything over this size will be supplied with Hoffman Keys, dowels or brackets to join lengths together onsite. ENCORE FRAME MITRES 56

FRAMED SHUTTER INSTALLATION cont. 4. Secure frame mitres permanently in place using the screws supplied in pre-drill holes. 5. If you have T posts they will be pre-drilled and stamped at the bottom in order from left to right. Locate the correct position and assemble in place. 6. Position panels in the frame by following the number stamped at the top and insert the hinge pins. 7. Make sure the gaps are even between panels and posts and screw T posts in place if required. Make any adjustments to square the frame up. 8. Remove hinge pins and panels. 9. Position the frame in the window and pre-drill fixing holes in you desired place. Tack the frame into place temporarily using fixing screws without driving all the way. 10. Working left to right, position panels into place and insert hinged pins. 11. Check for squareness and make adjustments for gaps and ensure panels line up. 12. If frame needs to be adjusted up or down, or side to side, slacken off tacking screws and insert a packer at the required location and screw in the frame at the new position. 13. Continue steps 10 and 11 until panels line up and gaps are even. 14. Drive fixing screws in all the way. 15. Screws should be positioned where hinges are located and near magnet striker plates. 16. Check for squareness and ensure panels operate correctly. 17. If using L frame inside mount, gap fill where the frame meets the window reveal. 18. Fix screw cap stickers to cover fixing screws. 19. Open and close each panel and rotate all tilts to check the shutters function correctly. 20. Adjust tension screws if necessary to ensure all louvres rotate freely. 21. Wipe shutters over and remove any surface marks using gumption for OPUS, car polish for ENCORE, or a spot clean tool such as Chux Magic Eraser. 22. Clean up workspace and remove all packaging materials from site. 57

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