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TRACK BIFOLD INSTALLATION The box out board system for track shutters is supplied loose (not pre-assembled) for installation onsite. This benefits the fitter who may need to make adjustments onsite, where pre-assembled kits have no room for adjustment. Standard framing inclusions are: • Headboard, 2 x sideboards and bottom board if required. • Fascia plus returns for outside mount. • Metal headboard support brackets. • 1 x length hang strip to support the headboard for outside mount • 2 x lengths light block to use as sideboard supports or for extra light blocking There are multiple methods to mount track shutters so we will cover the most common here. INSIDE MOUNT: 1. Lay all of the framing pieces (boards) face up on the floor or your workspace. 2. Screw from above the headboard down into the sideboards. 3. Screw from sideboards into the bottom board if applicable. 4. Lift the assembled box unit and place inside the recess in your measured position. 5. Screw up into the recess from the underside of the headboard to tack into place with fixing screws, taking care not to screw all the way into place. 6. Make necessary adjustments to ensure box out frame is level. 7. Drive headboard fixing screws in all the way. 8. Screw through the sideboards into the wall or architrave. 9. Fit the bottom pivot plate. Measure from the front of the headboard to the centre of the top track and position the bottom pivot the same distance in, using sideboard as reference point in the absence of bottom board. 10. If no bottom board supplied, attach bottom tracks by measuring the distance from the edge of headboard to centre of each track and position the bottom tracks the same distance. Use the supplied double-sided tape to fix tracks in place direct to the floor. Ensure the track fits between pivot(s). (Does not apply to bottom board as track is recessed). 11. Check all necessary hardware/componentry is fitted into the top track and panels. 12. Fit panels working from the pivot side toward the centre of the opening. Locate the first pair with the pivot panel and attach this into the bottom pivot bracket. 13. The top pivot will already be attached to the panel, so spring load this into the top pivot bracket located in the top track. 14. The next panel will have a wheel carrier bracket. Attach this to the wheel carrier in the top and lock it in place. Compress the bottom guide and release into place in the bottom track. 15. If you have more than two panels stacking in one direction, sit the next pair beside the first, line the hinges up and insert hinge pins to attach then attach wheel carriers as above. 16. Repeat as required. 17. Make any necessary adjustments at the wheel carriers and pivot bracket to ensure panels are squared up and they operate correctly. 18. Attach returns to fascia if applicable using L brackets. 19. Attach fascia according to diagrams on page 50. a. OPUS – attach L brackets to underside front edge of headboard, then attach fascia b. ENCORE – back off headboard fixing screws to loosen headboard slightly. Slide fascia angle in between headboard and recess. Make adjustments to position fascia and drive headboard fixing screws back in fully to hold fascia in place. 58

TRACK BIFOLD INSIDE MOUNT cont. OPUS INSIDE MOUNT ENCORE INSIDE MOUNT Attach L Bracket to underside of headboard Slide fascia between headboard and recess 20. Cover screw holes with screwcap stickers and gap fill if necessary to finish off. 21. Operate all louvre tilts and operate panels several times to make sure all components are working correctly. 22. Clean shutters and work space. OUTSIDE MOUNT: 1. Lay all of the framing pieces (boards) face up on the floor or your workspace. 2. Screw from above the headboard down into the sideboards. 3. Screw from sideboards into the bottom board if applicable, cover with screw caps. 4. Lift the assembled box unit and place against the wall in your measured position. 5. Tack into place with fixing screws taking care not to screw all the way into place. 6. Using a ladder: Fix the mounting block to the top of the headboard at the rear edge. For ENCORE aluminium shutters, use the 40x40 angle supplied as a mounting piece (diagrams below). 7. Screw through the mounting block or 40x40 angle into the wall, anchoring well: OPUS OUTSIDE MOUNT 40mm x 27mm Mounting block ENCORE OUTSIDE MOUNT 40mm x 40mm aluminium angle 59

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