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GLOSSARY Beading Grooves in traditional stiles and frames. Bi-fold Multiple panels are hinged to each other so they fold and stack clear of the window or doorway. Used with or without track. Panels hinged without track are referred to as ‘Bifold Hinged’ Clearance The amount of room required at the rear of a panel to allow for rotation of louvres. D Mould Astragal stile is moulded with a D shape that overlaps where two panels meet to block light gaps. Recommended for windows that are out of square. Divider Rail Also called a Mid rail, the horizontal rail used to give greater strength on tall panels. Double Hinged Also called Bifold Hinged, a maximum of 2 panels are hinged together to bifold off the window. Double Hung Also called café style, tier on tier or saloon style. Panels are hinged in two sets, one in the top of the window and one set below. Can be used with or without a horizontal T post. Fascia Also called a valance or pelmet, a fascia is the horizontal board fixed to the front of track shutters to hide the hardware. Returns for left and right side are supplied as standard for outside mount. Frame Profiles assembled as a framing system to install shutters inside or on the face of a window or doorway. Hang Strip Section of material used to attach hinges in direct mount layouts to control light gaps, and as mounting block for track shutter headboards. Useful for building out problem windows. Light Block Strip of material used in direct mount layouts for light control or to build out problem windows. Can also be used as mounting block for sideboards in track shutter layouts. Louvre Also called blades, horizontal lengths of material that rotate to open or close and control light and view. Louvre Pin Usually nylon part that connects the louvre to stile and allows rotation. Magnet Usually a round ‘bullet’ magnet installed in panel that catches onto striker plate installed on frame or window sill to hold panel shut. Non-Mortise hinge Common hinge used to mount panels to shutter frame or directly to window frame. Installed on left or right side of a panel. 71

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