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All You Should Know About Tremor – Dr. Shivam Mittal

Tremor is the involuntary shaking of various parts of the body, which may not be life-threatening, but is definitely disturbing. This blog will let you know about the causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention of tremor. Read more @

All You Should Know About Tremor – Dr. Shivam

Tremor is the instability of the mind that causes shaking and trembling of the hands and legs. Although it isn’t a life-threatening disorder, it is definitely a very disturbing one. The patients suffering from tremor are unable to perform even the simplest of tasks like holding a cup of tea/coffee, buttoning up their shirt, tying their laces, eating with a fork/spoon, etc. And, the worst part is that this involuntary action cannot be stopped. It can occur at any time; and it could be occasional or persistent, regular or irregular. While tremor occurs majorly in the hands and legs, it can also be seen in the head, neck, tongue, jaws, and trunk if the condition worsens. Along with involuntary shaking, tremor can also be accompanied by rigidity and tightness of the muscles. WHEN CAN TREMOR OCCUR? Tremor can occur at anytime and anywhere. But, it generally occurs when the patient faces a new tensed and unfamiliar situation, or while sitting for an exam, attending an interview, or going for a meeting. It is the fear of failure or unsurety that can bring upon such tremor movements. Ultimately, to avoid such situations, the patient will avoid such occasions, making them functionally disabled, and keeping themselves aloof from the others around. Earlier, tremor was more commonly seen in elderly people, but with the tension, worry, anxiety, sleeplessness, and overloads seen today, even the youth is suffering from tremor these days. What worsens tremor is the addiction to stimulants like coffee, smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

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