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Visit Kalajoki - INFO 2018-2019 - english

Discover Kalajoki’s fantastic nature. You can begin your visit from the Kalajoki Visitor Centre and then continue on to experience the unique Rahja archipelago, historical islet of Maakalla and the magnificent lighthouse of Ulkokalla. From there, you can head to the Pakka Adventure Park to climb the heights. Afterwards, you can cool down at the JukuPark water park and then move on to the SuperPark. Take a step on the wild side and explore Kalajoki on your own or with friends and family!

12 BE ACTIVE Kimmo

12 BE ACTIVE Kimmo Rampanen / Metsähallitus Indoor adventures and exercise Bubble football or archery tag in teams? Fun for the whole family at the indoors adventure park? A fast-paced spinning class or harmonious body maintenance at a gym? Kalajoki offers you opportunities to exercise and have adventures indoors, as well! Event Park Arena / Pakka Adventure Park Noste 28 +358 40 534 0837 Pakka’s fun new indoor activities at the Event Park Arena will bring a smile to your face, all year round! Why not try bubble football or archery tag? The activities are available for groups on request. Read more about them on our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information! SuperPark Kalajoki Shopping centre Raitti, Matkailutie 312 +358 40 826 3766 Exercise with your friends or family at the brand new SuperPark Kalajoki! Adventures, games and freestyling both outdoors and in. Children will love the adventures offered at the SuperPark, and the freestyle area with its trampolines and foam pool will attract slightly older youngsters. Adults can try out games, such as ice hockey slapshot and superball.

13 BE ACTIVE Sun Bowling Kalajoki Jukupolku 3 +358 8 469 2234 Professionals, families and groups of all sizes will enjoy our facilities. The bowling hall has six lanes that can accommodate both beginners and professionals. During the younger players’ turn, the sides are raised to aid the players, while glow bowling is accompanied by music and disco lighting. Balls and shoes can be rented at the hall, and beverages and snacks can be bought at the bar. The Sun Bowling Kalajoki is located next to the SaniFani spa. Kalajoki Visitor Centre Jukupolku 5 +358 20 639 7007 The number one destination for visitors to the Bothnian Bay, right at the heart of the Sand Dunes! Maritime activities for people of all ages and tips on the best destinations around the Bothnian Bay. The exhibition ‘True stories from the Bothnian Bay’ (Aitoja tarinoita Perämereltä) portrays the area’s natural wonders and cultural marine heritage. Children can dive into the underwater world and try to catch the biggest fish ever caught in Finland. The submarine simulator Botnia will take visitors under the sea. The GoFit gym and sports services Jukupolku 3 +358 44 565 9317 GoFit is located next to the Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani and the SaniFani spa. We offer a wide range of instructed group exercise classes, where you can train at a slower or a faster pace, depending on your preference. The access card lets you use our gym every day from 6 am to 11 pm. Check the customer service desk’s opening hours on our website! Well-being centre Asema Kalajoentie 18 +358 45 610 7880 A jovial gym for people of all ages.