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Visit Kalajoki - INFO 2018-2019 - english

Discover Kalajoki’s fantastic nature. You can begin your visit from the Kalajoki Visitor Centre and then continue on to experience the unique Rahja archipelago, historical islet of Maakalla and the magnificent lighthouse of Ulkokalla. From there, you can head to the Pakka Adventure Park to climb the heights. Afterwards, you can cool down at the JukuPark water park and then move on to the SuperPark. Take a step on the wild side and explore Kalajoki on your own or with friends and family!

14 BE ACTIVE Independent

14 BE ACTIVE Independent nature walks Comfortable hiking shoes for the outdoor tracks or faster sneakers for a jog along the duckboards? Skis, ski boots or ice fishing gear for winter trips onto the frozen sea? A map, thermos flask and binoculars for birdwatching from a bird tower? A GPS device and exchange goodies for a geocache? What to pack with you this time around in Kalajoki? The Sand Dune duckboards The duckboards meandering through the shoreline landscape of the Sand Dunes provide an excellent opportunity to have a walk by the beach. The area has several kilometres of duckboards, and there are signposts and bins along the trail. Running tracks, ski tracks and skating spots A sport track serving Nordic walkers and joggers runs near the Sand Dunes through a beautiful pine forest. The track takes you all the way to the Hiihtomaja ski hut and onwards for several kilometres towards the sea and Maristo’s beautiful area in Vihaslahti. In the winter, the running track turns into an extensive ski track network, parts of which are lit. The ski tracks run right through our services, so why not stop by for something hot to drink? Kalajoki also has several natural spots and rinks for ice skating, and these are all free to use. Hiking maps: Kalajoki Visitor Centre, Jukupolku 5, tel. +358 20 639 7007, Outdoor recreation maps: at and at the end of this brochure Ski track conditions and locations, ice conditions and ice skating areas: The Sand Dune ice rink: Safaritalo, Merisärkäntie 10 Skiing, ice skating and Nordic skating equipment rentals and ski waxing service: Safaritalo, Merisärkäntie 10, tel. +358 45 111 6633 Fishing regions and licences: Geocaching Geocaching is an outdoor hobby where you search for geocaches in interesting spots around the world by using satellite positioning. The hobby is suitable for everyone, since each person can choose where and which caches they want to visit. Kalajoki has several geocaches, and you can look for them by car or bike, on foot or skis, in a kayak and even by climbing. Geocaching allows you to become familiar with Kalajoki’s fantastic nature and learn about the local history. For more information, please visit Siiponjoki Nature Trail This 20-kilometre nature trail runs across magnificent pine forests to the shores of the Siiponjoki river. There is a kota hut and two lean-tos

15 BE ACTIVE by the river. The river snakes through the sandy terrain, constantly reshaping its bed and creating a magical atmosphere and the occasional lush riverbank grove in the otherwise open woodland landscape. Downstream, the river forms a number of distributaries that flow into the sea at the Rahja archipelago. The nature trail offers some of the best scenery in Kalajoki. The start and finish spot: Tapion Tupa, Matkailutie 3, tel. +358 8 466 622. The Vihaslahti bird tower and nature reserve Vihaslahti is home to several bird species, and bird-watchers can spot them feeding and nesting there. Vihaslahti is part of the Vihas-Keihäslahti conservation area. You can reach this area by hiking along the Sand Dune duckboards. The distance from the Visitor Centre is approximately 4 kilometres. The Vihaslahti cove has a hut, bird tower, BBQ spot, toilets and information boards. Maakalla and the lighthouse island of Ulkokalla Maakalla is a unique island roughly 18 km off the coast. It forms an autonomous region with dozens of fishermen’s huts, a beautiful wooden church and a fishing museum. Ulkokalla has a lighthouse and a lighthouse keeper’s house. You can reach Maakalla with a boat taxi or the galeas Ansio, for example. For information on transport to Ulkokalla, contact the local entrepreneurs, see section Guided tours, transport, event programme services and rental equipment. Rahja archipelago The ancient shores and old ports of the Rahja archipelago are living proof of a post-glacial rebound. All of the habitat types of a coast with rising land masses can be seen on Rahja’s hundred islands, from the inner archipelago’s sheltered forests to the rugged islets out in the open sea. The fishing villages and sheep pastures remind the visitors of the islands’ old traditions. The Rahja archipelago is a wonderful, sheltered destination for a geocaching trip, kayaking, SUP paddling or cross-country skiing. Kayaks can be rented at Kalajoen Latu’s Konikarvo pier. For more information and reservations, call +358 50 461 6508. Fishing licences for the Rahja archipelago can be purchased at Tapion Tupa, tel. +358 8 466 622. For information on transport to the Rahja archipelago, contact the local entrepreneurs, see the section Guided tours, transport, event programme services and rental equipment. For more information, please visit