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Visit Kalajoki - INFO 2018-2019 - english

Discover Kalajoki’s fantastic nature. You can begin your visit from the Kalajoki Visitor Centre and then continue on to experience the unique Rahja archipelago, historical islet of Maakalla and the magnificent lighthouse of Ulkokalla. From there, you can head to the Pakka Adventure Park to climb the heights. Afterwards, you can cool down at the JukuPark water park and then move on to the SuperPark. Take a step on the wild side and explore Kalajoki on your own or with friends and family!

40 Design Esko Heikkinen

40 Design Esko Heikkinen Shop and workshop Saraluhdantie 2 +358 40 775 3212 Web shop: Knives, jewellery, minerals and gifts, as well as knife and jewellery making supplies from the workshop and online. Ceramics shop Iso-Pahkala Kokkolantie 261 +358 40 562 5996 Ceramics for daily use, gift items, business gifts, unique items and art. Tyngän Mylly (Tynkä Mill) MyIIyntie 30, Tynkä +358 8 466 319 The mill’s own products and foodstuffs. Peura Puukko Etelänkyläntie 479 +358 400 518 651 Peura Puukko is a family business that produces handmade high-quality knives for work, bushcraft and recreational purposes, as well as business gifts. Our range of products also includes first knives for children and scout knives. The products can be ordered online on our website or by visiting our outlet that carries a wide variety of knives and other everyday items and gifts. Come on by for a visit! Team Sportia Kalajoki / Kalajoen Urheilu ja Kone Holmantie 2 (in May we are moving to Kalajoentie 1) +358 8 460 600 We are a shop in the centre of Kalajoki selling a wide variety of sports equipment and small appliances and providing excellent customer service. The most important thing that all of our products have in common is their quality. Regardless of the product group, you can find the top brands from us. Check out our products by visiting our shop or website! Starting in May, we will be serving you at Kalajoki’s new shopping centre in Kalajoentie 1.

41 SHOPPING Halpa-Halli Kalajoentie 1 +358 20 718 2640 Come and shop at our new store, where you can find groceries, clothes, home essentials, beauty products and everything else you might need. J. Kärkkäinen Oy Ollilanojankatu 2, Ylivieska +358 10 430 3000 J. Kärkkäinen Oy is a Finnish family-owned business from Ylivieska. This store chain, known for its huge range of products and reasonable prices, consists of five large stores and the online shop You will always find the latest products and the most famous brands among Kärkkäinen’s range of over 200,000 articles. K-Supermarket Kalajoki Merenojantie 2 +358 8 469 5400 Better than your average grocery store! S-Market KaIajoentie 38 +358 20 780 7821 Groceries and other daily necessities. Alko (alcoholic beverages) Merenojantie 2 Kalajoen Apteekki pharmacy Kalajoentie 30 +358 10 321 4460 Medicines and cosmetics. ABC Hiekkasärkät Kalajoki service station Matkailutie 311 +358 20 780 8340 A grocery shop and service station. St1 Kalajoki service station Kokkolantie 2 +358 44 552 6010 St1 Kalajoki provides a range of services, such as car maintenance, a quick wash and tyre changes. Our café serves small snacks and Scan Burger’s tasty burgers and kebabs. You can also play the national betting agency Veikkaus’s games with us. In addition, we rent outdoor hot tubs and enclosed trailers.