How To Fix Paper Jamming Issue In Your Brother Printer


in this informative pdf, I give some instruction how the user can fix the paper jamming issue in the printer.

Turn Off Your Printer

If your printer is not turn off, may

damage your printer.

Open Up The Main Cover

Open up the main cover

And try to remove the paper.

Gently Remove The Paper

Remove the paper very gently.

Remove The Print Head And Try


if you want to remove the paper pull the very

slowly. If the paper tears, it may affect your

printer’s print quality in future.

Check The Output Tray.

In some inkjet printers, paper sometimes get stuck

on output tray. Check out the output tray and gently

remove any visible paper.

Clean Your Printer Head.

Close all the panel and turn on your

printer again

Contact Repair Center

We hope your problem is solved, but if you

still facing the problem then contact on 1-800-

431-287 brother printer support we are

available 24*7 to help you .

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